So been years I have written something or blogging. Recently there is so much that`s been going on not only in my world but the whole globe. There are loads of issues but the most disturbing one is Corona-virus (Covid 19). It is spreading  in many countries like the fire in Amazon forest. There`s been lot of death and suffering. 

I live in Mauritius Island and unfortunately we got cases of Corona-virus here too been like 2 days.  On 18th March 2020 (Wednesday) my husband got the news that he had to go on a ship which was on its way for food supplies to Agalega Island. Well, its his job so I had no choice but let him go even though since 1 week I had the weird feeling something was going wrong in Mauritius. So after he was gone, that afternoon things started to get really bizarre. The Pm was doing a press conference and I was sure he was going to announce that we already had a case of Covid 19 here. After making all Mauritians wait for him for hours, he finally drop the bomb. I did not wait for him to announce it, because i knew it already somewhere. 

Next morning, I woke up to this news and I sighed. There were 3 confirmed cases of corona. 2 Mauritian guys who work in a cruise ship were already in quarantine. They had recently come to Mauritius and have not met anyone in Mauritius apart the authorities (this is what i heard from others). On the other hand, the other man who was infected, was roaming free in Mauritius a few days back. According to the Pm, the man who was 59 years old, had come to Mauritius on 7th of March 2020  from UK and had somehow escape the checkpoint (where they were checking for corona) in airport. He went back home to his family, met his relatives, partying, went to a funeral, got in a metro, went to a supermarket and the list goes on. Through a close source of mine, I got to know that he`s been back from UK been weeks and when he got sick been days, the people who are in charge of this country did not find it necessary to let the public know that there was a case of corona already in the Island. And also for his treatment he was kept in an open ward with other patients with other health issues. In brief, he contaminated like nearly half of the population and passed away. I guess, it might be his death which really force them (I wont precise WHO) to announce the breaking news. 

That Thursday morning, 19th March 2020, Mauritians went all crazy. Government had already requested not to ”panic-buying” but early morning all Mauritians were crowding all the supermarkets, shopping malls and pharmacies of the Island. It was a shocking sight for me to see online because people were being so careless. In 1 day, all the shelves were emptied. I did not go out of the house. I am alone and already have enough provision for one person. Also I notice people were not wearing any masks or keeping any distance from others. Its like they are more concern about eating and wiping their b#tt but not about their health. The Pm had a press conference but decided he won`t attend it and he will be communicating directly with the population. Its then that I got to know that there were already 7 confirmed cases of corona and the country was going to be Lockdown the very next day starting at 6 am.

Fast forward to today, Friday 20th March 2020, the country is partially lockdown as public transport like buses and cars are still driving around, people roaming around and shopping, busy supermarkets ect. It was baffling to see how people are just ignoring the fact that we need to stay in our house when there is a lockdown not roam around. I also freshly came to know that there are 12 confirmed cases of corona now. The persons who were around the UK infected guy are being tested. There are like 30 to 35 people being tested and more cases might be announce tomorrow. Basically, the country is quickly being infected and nobody can do anything about it. Most of us is blaming the government that he did not take the decision of closing the frontier when we did not have any infected cases, They says that he ( still wont precise who) was waiting for his wife to come from holiday (abroad) and then he took the decision of closing it but it is too late to argue about all these things. To be honest, that is the reason why I have never voted in life. Politicians are not trustworthy at all. Now Mauritius is doom and all we can do is take precautions and protect ourselves and our family by staying in our homes. 


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