Today, the 22th March 2020 Sunday, the nightmare continues. I woke to the news there are more cases of coronavirus in Mauritius and so many people are being tested. Somehow, the thought of total confinement was on my mind(felt like it was going to happen) so I decided to go out and buy some veggies and chicken, and also some snacks. I took a shower and quickly got ready to go out and there were people roaming around buying veggies and all. But there was a huge difference, there was a long queue and you had to wait for 3 to 4 people finish buying and then another 3 to 4 persons will be allow to enter the shop (all shops and supermarkets were doing this).After quickly buying my stuffs, I quickly walk home.

I also got to know that a Belgium woman passed away due to coronavirus but she was never mentioned before in the infos until today. She was in Mauritius been weeks and since when she was contaminated and got sick? and was admitted to hospital? Those questions were on everyone`s minds but like usual we will never get a real answer.  I also got to know that a nephew of the patient 0 confirm that his uncle (the UK returned guy) wasn`t dead. He was in ICU in a hospital.All his relatives were being tested. His nephew confirm this news to the media. A 15 years old girl (a college student who was his relative) was tested and confirmed. She might has contaminated her classmates and her teacher. Her teacher might had contaminated all his tuition students. And all these people were being tested. Many were admitted to different hospitals. One which was near to the place I live. I kept warning my whole family not to step in these hospitals but as usual nobody listens to me. They do whatever they want. Anyways, back to the news, I also got to know that many infected people were admitted in the north of Mauritius and the population has not inform the public about these coronavirus cases. 

Like I precise in my previous post, Mauritians are not really respecting the partial confinement and they are just roaming around freely but this time wearing masks, hankys or towel on their faces. They do not seem to understand that this virus can rest on the surface of anything (clothes, door knobs ect) and infect them anyways. The police officers are trying their best to control the public and warning them. They are stopping every vehicles and asking them why they are out. If you do not have a valid answer then you are doom. You have to pay Rs 1000  fine and 6 months prison. I even heard a police officer or some being tested, Not sure how many. I even read online the government has decided that a total confinement is very important because Mauritians are not respecting the partial one. Even tourists are going at the beaches and the Coast guards had to warn them about the virus. More and more people are being contaminated each passing day but nobody cares of letting us know how many cases really there are. We are all looking calm but deep inside it is really scary. I am really scared for my family but nothing is in my control. We are just sitting in our houses and waiting. One thing I know for sure we are not getting rid of this virus so soon. It will be with us for a long time. How long will we escape or survive it is a big question. 

My husband finally contacted me and I told him about the whole situation going on. He is very worried but unfortunately he can not do anything. He just want to be back to his family as soon as possible. It might take him like 1 week more to come back. I do not know if I will survive this 1 week (might be funny but its the truth) with the rapid contamination going on around the country. I know like practically the whole world is going through this hell. Sadly, I even came to know in Mauritius a small baby is infected too. The only good thing about today is that I am getting all channels on TV (before we needed to subscribe but due to confinement they allow us to watch all the channels freely). I got an internet upgrade freely (trying to stay positive in this sad world). I also been able to replenish my food supplies. And my husband had put a hand sanitizer in our first aid box (sanitizers are all sold out and it is damn expensive). I felt like I got a gold bar. I am very happy about it. I never thought I will be this happy to get a small bottle of hand sanitizer. For now, I will go to bed. There are more things to happen tomorrow (might be). A good night sleep is well asked for. 

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