Huhhhh! (sighs) I just do not know where to start. I woke up (22th March 2020 Sunday) and immediately start looking for my mobile phone. I wanted to know the bad news. On Facebook I came to know that there were like 24 confirmed cases and two deaths not to forget lots of people being tested. Police officers are becoming more and more strict and Mauritians more and more stupid. 

I can not believe them. At Fond du Sac, all the people were out buying veggies and ”bajjias” (oily cakes). Well, nearly all Mauritians are being careless so I do not doubt that the day when nearly everybody will be contaminated is for soon. I got like 3 videos of police officers doing their jobs and Mauritians being irresponsible. One video was about a guy roaming shirtless and then came the policemen. They started to shout at him (you do not understand you should be in your house with your family. We are risking our lives and that of  our families for you people! ) and push him. He run so fast. I felt like I was playing Subway Surfer. It was so funny. Another video was about a group of men playing football in a football ground and policemen came and spoke with them. The 3rd video was about a group of boys gone fishing and came the policemen and they shouted at those guys. Their faces were worth seeing. The policemen took them to the station. Atleast the policemen are doing their jobs very well compare to one person (who is responsible of the country). He did not gave any response to the public since days. We were only informed about decisions being taking through newspapers and Facebook posts. But he did talk on TV in the afternoon announcing about the deaths and strict measures being taken. I did not bother to even watch him. I knew he screwed up real bad and now all he was doing was covering his lies.

I got a message in my messenger today that helicopters will  be disinfecting the whole country late night maybe at 23.00 pm or next morning at 4 am. But i do not know if it is the truth. Will it make any difference thought? I do not think so. Even my father in law is not really respecting the instructions not because he is careless but because he does not know why he should follow them, how the virus operates and what instructions exactly he should follow. I try to talk to him but it is a bit hard for me to explain things to him because I fear he might get offended. Even today  he scared me. I heard him talking to his sister who live next to our house. He was inviting her for a “‘hawan” and I heard him say something in between very softly ( I could not hear properly because they were on the road and I was upstairs). Actually all his sisters lives next door so I truly got super worried that he will invite so many people in his house in this situation. He did not even keep 1 metre distance from his sister while talking to her (facepalm). This was quiet disturbing for me because I can not say no to anything to my father in law due to the deep respect I have for him. Thank God! when he came to invite me, I ask him if he was inviting other people in his house and he responded No. I had heard his sister trying to convince him by saying we will all tied a hanky on our face and sit for the ”hawan”. See, this is the issue. Nobody seems to understand we need social distancing in this situation and hanky will not protect you (again facepalm). I participated in the ”hawan” with only my father in law, his wife (his 2nd really really evil wife) and my 2 baby brother in laws. I felt peace after this and felt like I had some positive energies coming towards me. 

Furthermore, the government announce  there will be a curfew starting from tomorrow to 2nd of April 2020. Tomorrow more people are going to be spank by police officers` batons (my guess). The government also  amended some laws likely you do not need to go out of your house. If you do, you need to have a permit which will be issued by Commissioner of Police. Only government officers and people who really really need to do some essential works will be allowed. So far this confinement is going fine for me. I just keep praying for everybody and also hope that this virus goes away forever. My father in law got to go to work tomorrow (tourists driver). He can not do anything about it because his boss want him to continue working and also my father in law needs this job to run his home. So I also pray he does not bring the virus in our house and infects us. I nearly forgot the patient 0 (UK guy) he passed away today. I felt bad for his family. They lost him and now nearly all his relatives were infected and being tested. Poor soul. May he rest in peace even though in a way we are all going to die because of him. Maybe we deserve it…




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