Hello! Today, Monday 23rd March 2020, we got more confirmed cases of coronavirus, 28 in all but ultimately we know its going to contaminate lots of people so we are no longer are in shock. Also since everybody`s home things got a lot spicier on facebook. The whole Mauritian community on facebook are posting so many stuffs going on around Mauritius. The most famous ones are that of the police officers shouting and swearing at idiots who does not understand what a curfew means. I kept laughing the whole day. There were subway surfer (exactly like in the game) guys running away from policemen. It was too funny and I just receive one where a policeman is talking nicely with a man asking him to go home. But the guy kept saying you do not understand me and the policeman swore loudly and the man with his hanky tied around his face was so shocked. Never ever did policemen in Mauritius acted like that with normal civilians before. It was a sight to see. Some people were even spank by baton. But honestly they deserve it.

Anyways coming back to the virus, people are still going out to supermarkets ect even though police officers are being so strict. People are getting contaminated because of their carelessness and I guess I might get infected too soon thanks to them. My own family is not listening to me and my warnings. I think I will soon request all of them to not step in my house but I feel bad doing this to them thought. The government decided to contribute 50% on everybody`s salary (private sector and public sector). And also we will get a specific day for buying food in supermarkets according to our surname`s first alphabet. But this has not yet been confirmed to the public. Oh! by the way last night the helicopters did not passed. It was a hoax (maybe) but in the morning everybody was joking about it and I posted a recent photo in which me and hubby are sitting in a helicopter. It fitted the situation funnily. Also I lost my appetite maybe because I miss my husband and I am scared for him, my mom and brother. My husband is quarantine on the food supplies ship. The Agaléens does not want to touch the food supplies due to fear of contamination. I do not know for how long he is going to be on quarantine there and like the situation here is getting worst and worst day by day, it might be that here too he might be quarantine (I hope not). but he assured me nobody is sick or contaminated on that ship so fingers cross. 

I am using my food supplies intelligently and not going out of house at all. I am drinking hot water and trying to stay positive. I need to stock up gloves, masks and more sanitizers. I sometimes think from where did this virus exactly came from? and how we will overcome it? I know for sure that we be in this disastrous situation for months. It might be that we spend this whole year fighting this pandemic. Will we even survive this year? We are all just fighting to stay alive right now (except those few idiots who can not stay in their house). For now goodnight!

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