Hey guys! Thank you for the likes. It is very encouraging to know that someone atleast know what is going on here otherwise I am all alone. But in a way it is good. This is what we really need to do – self isolate. It may drives us crazy but we will stay alive. Concerning the virus, today same thing. There were like 28 confirmed cases of Covid-19 last night. In the morning (TUESDAY 24th March 2020)  it came to 36 or something and then in the day I got to know it is 42.  There are still many people being tested. The Pm announce this on Tv. People are starting to consider him as the ominous bird because every time he is on Tv, he only gives us bad news.

The police been doing a remarkable job until yesterday. In many places around Mauritius, people disobeyed the police officers and some even fought with them. I felt bad for those guys seriously. I mean they are everyday outside patrolling and forcing people to go in their houses. They are not doing this because it is fun for them. They are doing this because their duty is to protect us. They are risking their lives and that of their families everyday but still so many idiots does not understand this. After seeing all this, the government took the decision that starting from tomorrow, all supermarkets, shops and bakery shall be close till the end of this month. Now, the issue is many people recently got their salary and they have not done food provision for next month. And if the total confinement extends this way then there are many of us who will end up with no food at home. In all this, it is the kids who gonna suffer unfortunately. They are going to sleep, hungry. Poor souls. I, myself do not know till when I will be able to survive with what I have at home. I am trying to eat less and save more. 

If you guys are wondering what happen to my hubby. He is stuck on that stupid ship. Today they finally (thank god for the miracle) publish in the newspapers about his ship named Trochetia. According to the article, the Agaléens does not want the food supplies. They do not want to be contaminated. Nobody is sick on that ship still they do not want anything from Mauritius. It is today that the government is going to think about it and take a decision by tomorrow maybe. Well I hope so. I hope they take the decision for the ship to come back to Mauritius. They have to because the ship has fuel that will last till 3 weeks maximum. Coming back to me, I get up, clean, cook, eat and watch tv everyday. Pretty boring but no choice. I want to go to the beach with hubby (sad me). I misses him a lot. I misses every moment I have live with him. This is not the first time he gone so far from me. Sometimes he is away for months. Right now all I want is for him to be back home and I will isolate both of us in our home sweet home. We are both anti-social so it won`t really bother us. We are never bored when we are together. 

Anyways guys, I know you are all fighting the same battle (coronavirus). I know this can go for months but somehow I know, this nightmare will definitely get over one day.

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