CHAOS. The perfect word for today (Wednesday 25th March 2020). I am fine so far but it is very chaotic outside. Many people are going against the law. Like I wrote previously, police officers are being really strict and there was a video where some men where throwing metal objects and acid on policemen who were asking them to go inside their house. Today, many policemen and SMF (armed) went to those men`s house and beat them in front of their family. It was really shocking but according to me they deserved it maybe not in front of their family but still. Of course, the policemen were filming everything and shared the videos on facebook. After that they arrested those men and put them in their jeeps. 

Then I got another video where those two men are lying down in a place which look like a toilet or something. There was blood pretty much everywhere. They were crying bitterly and asking the officers not to beat them up. One of the policemen use a taser on one of the men. I felt bad for them but they did not respect the law and even hurt policemen. They did not even think about their family before throwing those things on the officers. Unfortunately, these videos completely ruin the little peace that was left in the Mauritian community. It is as if nobody really paid attention to the video where the policemen where being attack but everybody saw the video where these thugs are being beaten and dragged. The Mauritian community is very angry. The majority is saying that this is unacceptable. Nobody seems to understand we are already in a crisis. They should not be making it worst like this. The Commissioner of Police was forced to do a press conference and he said he never gave this kind of order to any police officer and never encourage this kind of behaviour. He is going to investigate on this matter and take actions against those policemen. Of course I do not encourage violence too and now this matter is going far. My facebook today was full of chaos going on around. I was already tired of it half day. I decided to go out (up on my house) and take some fresh air and some sun. 

Since morning, I have been trying to get into contact with hubby but unfortunately nothing. It was stressful because I wanted to know if he can finally come home or not. When I went out, he called me and told me he is still stuck there near Agalega (facepalm). I expected the government would take a decision about them yesterday and ask them to return back home today but no… nothing. It is as if the government forgot about them. Hubby`s colleagues are so sad. They have small kids impatiently waiting for them. I guess I have to wait for him many days more. I have self isolate myself completely today. I will continue like this because downstairs (my in laws lives downstairs) are being really negligent. Today I have done an inventory of all food I have left and it turns out I am good for atleast 3 weeks. Still hubby called his colleagues in Mauritius and ask them to deliver me food whenever they can and they agreed. This present day, I did not even bother to know how many confirmed cases of coronavirus are there. Sooner or later, it will be around me…


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