Hello! Today (Thursday 26th March 2020) was a usual day. Nothing much happen in the morning nor in the day so I (still in self quarantine) been playing Royal Battle in Call of Duty and Assassin Creed (PS4 after a long time). It was a boring day. People were still ranting on Facebook about the thugs who were beaten by police officers so I preferred not to use Facebook much. 

Things got interesting in the afternoon. I called my mom and she told me that the PM was doing a Press Conference and he announce 81 confirmed cases in Mauritius. Everybody was like Whoa! how come?. The truth is Mauritius does not have a good place for quarantine and they kept people in groups in 1 room in a building.  Many were scared of being infected with so many people around them so they preferred sleeping outside on the ground or anywhere but not in that room. It`s been like that around Mauritius. Lots of suspects but not a proper place for quarantine and also no proper treatment is available in the hospitals here. So how did the contamination happens so quickly?. The answers are negligence of Mauritians and politicians, ignorance and persistence of people. The breaking news kept coming to me after that. The press asked the Pm what happen to the ship Trochetia (the ship my hubby is on). He said normally they should be back in 14 days irrespective the Agaléens take the food supplies or not. I felt relief after knowing this. Another thing he said is that the Coronavirus will now (as from tomorrow) be at its peak therefore the numbers will keep on going up. The most interesting fact is that in this whole world, Mauritius Island is the first country where this virus has such a rapid contamination in just 1 week. Its amazing (facepalm). Bravo to the people who were roaming outside their houses when there was a curfew. A doctor announce on Tv and radio that many people around Mauritius are already infected and they are now infecting others so we kindly stay in our houses because going out will only worsen the situation.

My in laws (brother, sisters, nephews, even neighbors ect) are still socializing between themselves and even though I told them not to come upstairs, my father in law did came to talk to me. I spoke to him for roughly 10 minutes and he went downstairs. He still goes to work everyday, driving around and dropping people (who works in companies) home. No plane is taking off so he does not have to work with tourists only Mauritians. I am scared that he might get infected. He does not take much precautions apart soap, 1 mask he kept wearing all the time without a wash and some surgical gloves that I gave him. My baby brother in law came upstairs but I had to tell him to go back downstairs because I am self isolating. I apologized to him because I felt really bad doing this to him but I did explain myself and told him the situation is getting worse so it is better he stays in his room. My hubby called me and told me about the incubation. I told him to explain to his family that they should be more careful. They are being very careless. And he did spoke to his father and I hope that my father in law understood the circumstances.

The government has provided online sites where we can buy food (mostly the basic ones like rice, flour and baby`s foods. They will be operational as from tomorrow. Old people and handicap ones(those who get pensions) will receive food for free. There are also instructions being shared on Facebook about how to buy and how to disinfect them before bringing them in the house. That is a good initiative. I am glad about it because many people here did not have food. They either did not have money or did not get the time to go to supermarkets. I feel so empty inside and lonely. It is very depressing. I know that the whole world is going through this. It is tough but someday we will win this battle. 


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