Oh god! Just when I am about to start typing my blog, I got attack by 2 cockroaches who came flying from outside into my room. I am very scared of them. So today, Friday 27th of March 2020. Like I typed in my previous post, the confirmed cases of coronavirus is rising. This present day, it is at 94 confirmed cases and tomorrow we might make it to the 100. My in laws are still adamant that they are cautious but they are not. I have been spending my day downloading Call of Duty: Warzone on PS4 and watched many Hindi movies. I watched funny videos that Mauritians are doing for example there is a boy name Kartik. He is the center of attention nowadays. He keeps on doing lives. He does crazy things and he can twerk of course! What do we need more? He entertain us all day long and at night it is his mom who entertain us. She sings and dance live. 

My hubby is still stuck on that ship and now I am very sure he is on quarantine for 2 weeks. After that they will debarked the cargo to Agalega which will take 3 to 4 days. Subsequently, they will come back which might take another 3 days. I am tired of waiting but got no choice. Self isolation is no fun. I am an anti social animal but I get bored and I miss him so bad (sad).  I have got like a week more to wait so I will for my love. 

Regarding the Covid virus situation, some people are losing it. Someone got stabbed by thugs. Some thugs got into the house of a policeman and hit him. Some people went missing. And as if it was not enough, a teenager ran away from home to stay with her boyfriend. She atleast prove one thing. Love is stronger than Coronavirus! My aunt works in a laboratory and unfortunately one of her colleague got contaminated. Now the authorities are inquiring and contacting each and every person she has been around. My aunt is not feeling well. I feel really scared. I hope she is fine and it is just her apprehension that`s making her feel like this. The websites provided by government to buy food are working but its services are limited which means only a few number of people can order i guess per day. For me, none of the sites opened but many people shared photos of the food items they received. Apart from all this, nothing else interesting happen today. So for now, I go to bed. I have not sleep well since many days. I got dark circles around my eyes. It is already late night for me. I go and get some sleep. Stay safe ❤

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