Hello world! Today, Saturday 28th March 2020, we got the breaking (not so breaking as it was already expected) news of having 102 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Mauritius. Not so surprising, there are more and more people roaming outside. Police officers does not really do anything about it anymore. My mom told me the Commissioner of Police suspended one policeman (the acid incident). So i guess the policemen are discouraged. Now they are concentrating more on giving food supplies to people around Mauritius than making sure everybody`s in their houses.

I think this coming week we might make it to 200 cases. There was not anything interesting going today for me. I am getting bored day by day and its getting hotter. I keep thinking of chips, KFC, Chocolate and the beach ❤ and also about my hubby (laugh). The policemen stop doing videos. Mauritians keep doing silly lives which sometimes are boring. I am constantly on my phone.  In 2 days time, the supermarkets will be open. All Mauritians are waiting for this. I think I might start exercising at home. I am putting on weight. If I don`t do anything, solitude and idleness will make me go crazy for sure and of course I am insomniac and becoming forgetful. I think by the time confinement is over I will look like Gollum and might even end up speaking like him, “mon precieux” (laughs). I go get some sleep guys. Take care  and stay safe ❤ 


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