Wow!  It`s been 10 long days. I thought its been weeks since I am in mode self quarantine. I just want to go out and breathe. When will this virus go away? So sick of it.  Today, Sunday 29th March 2020, the total number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 is 107 and 1 death in total 3 death. Unfortunately, the authorities does not want to share the identities or any information concerning the patients. The government only precise that only 3 cases are serious otherwise the others are doing fine. I mean they (government) completely lost it. How can they(the patients) be fine? They are contaminated with a virus which is slowly killing them inside and we are being told they are fine. Do Mauritians seriously looks like a community of fools?

They might do think we are. Yesterday a member of parliament declared that the actual government has been hiding the fact that the patient 0 was already in Mauritius since January 2020. They knew the country was at risk. Who knows what`s the truth is? but why not giving more information about the patients? Even Prince Charles let the whole world know that he was infected. Seriously Mauritius is on the verge of destruction. The authorities are not really helping the poor (food supplies) atleast I did not see anyone so far benefiting their help, not even pensioners. It is the policemen who are helping people by using their own salary to buy food and leaving them to poor people`s house. 

The Mauritians who were doing lives  on Facebook  are very upset because others cyber bully them with their unpleasant comments. Some decided to stopped doing live as from today. One woman was literally crying on her live. I felt bad for her. Hence the coming days are going to be so boring now. Luckily, I just got a friend`s Netflix so I can watch some movies. I am not sleeping well. All this makes me stressed. All the happenings looks like a movie, something like Contagion or Quarantine. Fortunately, my hubby calls me and my mom and baby cousine calls me everyday. I pray god protects everyone from this curse name Coronavirus and keep all of us safe. Goodnight guys 🙂



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