Hello! The world is getting crazier day by day. Today, Tuesday 30th March 2020, the total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Mauritius is 128 and 3 deaths. Also another terrible news or rather a tragedy in my island, a mother burn her 10 year old daughter. It is not the first time. In January 2020, the same mother claimed that her newborn baby drank milk and die in its sleep. This time she accepted her crime. The reason: the daughter was taking too much time eating her dinner. The woman cohabite with a man. They both were frustrated when they saw the girl taking so much time. They beat her everywhere especially on her head. They saw the girl was dead so they decided to cut her into small pieces to get rid easily of her but they could not cut her so decided to take her body in a sugar cane field and burn her. After that they buried her in manure i guess to cover up any foul smell. But god is great and someone got the burnt body of that poor little soul. Now they are jailed. I wish there was death sentence here. It would have been useful for such people. How can a mother have the heart of even doing that to her kids? Is she even a mother?

People can be so heartless sometimes. I know this very well. Also people are so dramatic. Policemen were trying to catch a drug dealer but some people started pretending that the policemen were there to hurt them. They filmed the whole scene and posted it. All I could see in that video was the policemen trying to do their jobs and people around them shouting and cussing at them. Concerning the virus, the numbers keep rising and people are still out buying stuffs. Traders are selling veggies, bread and other things hidden. The 3rd person who passed away due to Covid-19 lives in a village next to mine. His son is a doctor and when he got sick, his son decided to treat him in the house itself not in hospital. Unfortunately he did not survived and may his soul rest in peace. I feel really sad today. Life is hard. I hope you guys are safe and your families also. Please take care and stay with your love ones in this difficult moment. Enjoy every minute. Life is also short but beautiful ❤


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