Hello world! It`s been a week since I type anything for my blog. It`s been a really busy week honestly. Having hubby back home is like having a 7 years old son at home (laugh). I spent my days cleaning after him and cooking …mostly cooking. He loves homemade food. He helps me a lot though but I prefer to do my work by myself. On 18th, we finally got a confirmed case of Coronavirus. It was a man who`s been roaming around and we were informed that he must have infected others. It was like all starting back again. A vicious circle. Therefore, this time it was not that scary like the 1st time. People are just getting use to it. Since that day we kept having an update about the situation and today, Friday 24th of April 2020, the total number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus is 330. We got the 330th patient today itself. A girl, the daughter of the 329th patient.

Excepting that, the days been quiet normal for me and the family. We been able to fill up our food supplies again and hubby`s friend been visiting us. Today, we even had dinner together. He lives nearby so we did not really had any issue about him coming to our house and of course, we take all precautions needed. I just can not believe that I have not step out of the house since day 1 of announcement of Coronavirus in Mauritius. I never thought one day I will spent 36 days in confinement. I want to go out 😦 . My uncle in UK, he doing fine. His wife is recovering and his kids also are helping their father to manage everything. I am glad she is getting better.

I no longer follow any news and any lives online. Things are getting boring nowadays. I am eagerly waiting for the day when there will be no virus and everything will be back to normal. We will go out of our houses and enjoy nature. I have plan so many things. I am sure you all too 🙂 . Stay safe! TOODLES ❤


Hello world! I hope you are all fine ❤ Things been getting better here on my island so far. There’s been no confirmed cases of Coronavirus been nearly 5 days. I have been spending a good time with hubby watching tv and cooking good food. These two days, Thursday 16th and Friday 17 th of April 2020 been two normal days for me. I even got to eat my favorite fruit and nut Cadbury.

Hubby has been thinking of going to supermarket. But still I think we need to take continuous precautions. Hubby’s friend came to visit us. He’s been living in Italy for a while and when there was a Coronavirus outbreak there, he had to come back. He was quarantined and tested negative here.

I sent hubby with him to the beach (no one was there apart them). I thought its good for him because its not easy to stay on a ship for days like he did. He needs to walk around on land. Of course all the necessary precautions were taken. Other than that nothing interesting been going on. I hope you all have a great weekend ahead!. Stay safe! TOODLES


Hello guys! I am so happy. So first, I am getting so much support and positive messages from you all. I can`t even explain in words how it makes me feels. I never thought writing a blog could connect me to the rest of the world in such a positive way. We are all going through the same crisis and I know we will definitely come out of it soon. 

Even after the worst storms, the sun will shine again.

Without the rain we would never feel thankful for the warmth of the sun.

Maybe this is what the virus is  teaching us…the priceless value of life and love ❤

On Tuesday, 14th of April 2020, I woke up late and tired but was determine to clean the whole house which I did. I spent my whole day cleaning. At night, even thought I was so tired, I stay wide awake occasionally yawning. I was on Facebook watching lives. I was so excited my hubby was coming back home. The next day, Wednesday, 15th of April, I woke up late again. I checked my phone but no miss calls from my hubby. I thought maybe he has not yet reach Mauritius Island but no as soon as I came to the door, he was here :D. I was all messy. I have not even brush my teeth (laughs). This was not really the way I wanted to welcome him back home. But he did not care if I was in a mess. He was so happy to see me in front of him. Things got really romantic after that. I won`t go into the saucy details but yes it was an awesome day. 

Concerning the Coronavirus, we do not have any case. But the tests are still going on. Hopefully, if it continues like that the lock-down will be remove on 4th of May. Also I hope this time the government is not lying to us…again. Stay safe!! Toodles ❤


Hello world! I got two quotes to share with you all. 1st one is:

You will face many defeats in life but never let yourself be defeated…

In this situation, we won`t let Coronavirus wins. We will all fight till the end. Today, Monday 13th of April 2020, the total number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus is 234 and after 3 long weeks, finally, today is the day where we got no other confirmed cases while doing the tests. It is a positive sign but as usual, many Mauritians took this positive sign as Yes Coronavirus is over. They started going out more. It is like they are celebrating New Year or something. Anyways, it is still a good news and I hope it continues like this, no more coronavirus anywhere in this world 😀

Yesterday, I talk with hubby and he told me they are on the way back home! So I am very very very happy. By Wednesday, he will be back home. Today, I did not get into contact with him because of no network. I am so tired of this lockdown, I secretly plan a small picnic at the beach with hubby and his best friend. His best friend recently came back from Italy due to the virus. Like hubby, he was also quarantined and tested negative. So I guess, if we avoid other human beings and reach the beach safely we will be fine. But I know hubby. He will never agree to this still I give it a try when he comes back.

Other than this, nothing interesting happened these two days. Oh, my family shared old photos of me and cousins as kids  on Facebook and I look so different even my mother could not recognize me. It was funny. I also tried baking an eggless vanilla cake but it was a failure. But even though it did not look good, it was yummy. Tomorrow is going to be a hectic day for me. I will clean the whole house. I want everything to be perfect for him 🙂 . For now I go to bed. Stay safe! ❤ TOODLES ❤




Hello world! I hope you are all fine and thank you so much for the likes. It is very encouraging 🙂 . Today, Saturday 11th of April 2020, the total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Mauritius is 319 and 9 deaths. Yes, sadly yesterday two Mauritians lost their battle against Covid-19. One was a homeless man and the other one was really rich and was an Executive in a big company here. Their funerals were held at the same cemetery, Bigarra. This is the irony of life. We, human beings, run after materialistic things, money and in the end, none of these will be with us when we die. What really matters is the love and memories you share with your love ones. 

Yesterday, there was not much thing going on around me. I was just so tired and sleepy. Last night, I was awake until  2 am, solving riddles in my family group chat. It was fun playing with them. I woke up early because a friend in second life had invited me in his party. I tried the game Greedy and folks, this is the most complicated game I ever came across in my life. I played for like hours but never understood a thing. I was dying of laughter because my friends were going crazy explaining to me and I was just messing the game up. After that I went back to sleep.  And I slept the whole day away. When I woke up, I clean the house, shower, cook dinner and prayed. I watch TV. I talk to my mom and hubby on phone. Mom was having a terrible headache. My father in law came to see me and gave me a can of tomatoes. Life saviour!  It is becoming very difficult to get a tomato can, ginger, tissue rolls, garlic and onions.

Hubby told me they had finish disembarking and now they are returning the empty cargo boxes to the ship he was on. Until tomorrow they might be over with it. But, the way I am lucky lol, one of the small platform boat collided with the ship he was on and because of the collision, there was a hole on the ship. Therefore, tomorrow they will have to repair it and now we do not know how many days it might take. Hopefully, by Monday they might take the road ( I know there is no road on the sea) back home. Anyways, back in Mauritius here things are getting nastier. The government took the decision of let go free 423 prisoners. I do not know why and from where he is getting such ideas. There are already many thieves and thugs roaming around stealing from vegetables to kidnapping kids. It just does not make sense. I don`t remember if I had mention it in my previous post but they also decided to extend the lock-down until May. Now we should not only be scared of being infected but also scared that anytime a thief can get into our houses.

I am tired of this lockdown. I can not believe I stayed in the house for like nearly a month. I did not go out on the road at all. I do want to stay alive but at the same time I am so fed up of everything. I wish it was just all a bad dream and I would wake up to a beautiful day where I am going to the beach or shopping with hubby. Anyways, Its time for me to go to bed guys. Take care and stay safe ❤ TOODLES ❤


Hello world! how are you all today? Yesterday I had a horrible day. Some people were stalking me on internet and saying weird things. It was really crazy. They pretended having my infos and emails and stuffs. I did not understand their problem with me actually. All I understood was they were plain crazy and needed to get a life. After trying to know what was their problem, I gave up and went offline. I was scared and talk to some friends about the issue and they explain to me nobody can do me anything. I just need to secure my accounts. I could not sleep the whole night feeling weird. They accused me of horrible things. It was all going back and forth in my head. I am a god fearing person and very sensitive also and knowing I might have hurt someone unknowingly kept me awake the whole night. I couldn`t get this thought out of my head so I contacted my baby cousine who is my best friend, my sister, my partner in crime and always giving me good advices. I explain the whole situation to her and she said those people were just scaring me that is all. I should just ignore them and nothing will happen. After talking to her I really felt better. And I did what she said… I ignore and for real nothing happen…they did not hack my accounts nor message me again. They were just gone. Sometimes people pass their time like this insulting others on internet. It makes them feel great i guess.

I am happy they left me alone. I pray they do not come back clashing with me again. So to this present day, Thursday 9th April 2020, the total number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus is 314 cases and 7 cured. The media is mostly focusing on the cured patients. I am happy for them, it is a big thing they got cured but if they could focus more on the patients who are still sick, giving us more information about their healths and all would have been much better. Also the government decided that the blood  of cured patients will be used on the infected ones because their blood plasma is presumably full of protective substances like antibodies, if it’s injected into sick people, it may help them fight off the disease. It’s an old strategy and dates back as far as the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak in the United States, when doctors reported that it helped reduce the number of deaths in seriously ill patients. Recently, it’s been used on an experimental basis to treat people with MERS, H1N1, and Ebola. So I truly hope it works. 

Today, I had an interesting day. I have been seeing a new craze going on around internet..THE DALGONA COFFEE. I was a bit skeptic about it first but I was bored so I decided to just try it. I did some research on it and watch some reviews videos on YouTube. And I started the preparation while cooking lunch at the same time. I whisk and whisk and whisk until I could no longer feel my arm but the coffee cream was perfect. I completed it and the final product look fabulous to me…amateur but still looks delicious (posted a photo of my chilled coffee below). I just love coffee and after all the hard-work on whisking, I was excited of trying it. First time, I was having an iced coffee. I tried it and it was so good I can not even explain how good it was. I just fell in love. I was not expecting it to be this good and also the chilled (ice) part was something worth trying for me as it is summer here and super hot. It was just refreshing. I recommend it! You just have to use the right doses and also whisk well. It is my new go-to summer drink now! Unfortunately, due to the virus and lockdown, I can not get more coffee. There is not much coffee left at home. I will keep it for hubby because now I am excited to make him try it. I am sure he is going to love it. He loves everything I cook for him actually. He says I am the best cook. Few years back, I did not even know how to make tea or noodles which annoyed him because he loves good food. He is an excellent cook. I try my best learning cooking by myself through internet (out of love for him) and now he says I can be a chef in a big restaurant or something. Honestly, I believe the way to a man`s heart is through his stomach. Now I can cook any dishes whether Italian, creole, Chinese, Indian, any seafood and Mauritian cuisine. 

Coming to hubby`s job, he is still on the ship. Alas, one of the boat (there is 2 of them and they are like a floating platform) which was a medium of transportation of the supplies  from the Cargo ship to the Island Agalega, broke into half this morning there and it is non-operating. Now, they will have to disembark on only one boat and it will take more time. It seems to me I will meet my hubby next week itself. I hope so he comes sooner. For now, time to bed. Stay safe! TOODLES! ❤




Hello world! Today is Tuesday 7th of April 2020 and the total number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 is 268, 253 in isolation, 8 cured and 7 deaths. I thought we had already pass 300 but in the infos it showed 268 cases. Still its going up. Yesterday I got busy with the game Second life but really it is too much of drama in a game so today no second life. Today it`s been the usual day if we ignore the game. Also my hubby been able to activate internet on his mobile phone so now he can chat with me which is awesome! He told me they are still disembarking the cargo slowly and in like 2 days time they might be over. These  2 days time does not seem to end. But hopefully he will be back home this weekend. Anyways in Mauritius things are still the same supermarkets open and all. Many people are out roaming I do not know why. 

Unfortunately, in the afternoon, I got the bad news that my uncle`s wife (the small brother of my mom), she got coronavirus. They live in UK with their 2 little boys. She work in the hospital and i guess it is from there she got infected. She is also asthma patient. She is quarantined in her own house in a room. I feel very stressed for them. I am scared for those kids. Also their food supplies are nearly over and there is no one there to help them out. We feel really helpless. And we do not know if the kids and my uncle are infected yet. I hope they are not and also my aunt get cured quick. Her kids needs her. 

Yesterday my college besties video call me and it was great to hear from them after so many months. We had a fun time talking and gossiping. Now just waiting for the virus to go away, so I can meet them. I miss them and I miss my college. This virus makes us realize that in the end it is not money or cars which are important but your family and friends. Nothing can equal to their love and support. I go to bed early today so guys stay safe ❤


Hello world! Really, writing this blog became something really important for me and I truly appreciate that I got many followers ❤ It makes me feel warm inside whenever I see a like or a comment from you guys :). It makes me feel like I am not really alone. Well today, Sunday 15th of April 2020, I do not know how many cases of coronavirus there are. And I took a break from this info. I woke up, eat, watch tv, talk on phone, clean the house and then cook lunch. I pretended it was a normal lazy Sunday for me and it felt good to forget about this pandemic.

Hubby call me today to tell me that the Agaléens were upset I am not sure why so they stop disembarking the cargos and again my hubby and others will have to wait for them to made up their minds to take all the stuffs off the ship. I am not even sure now I will see him this coming weekend (sigh). 

In India, Pm Modi Ji said that because of planetary positions and also coronavirus, we hindus should light up earth lamps or candles at 9 o`clock and pray. April 5 sees the biggest transit of the month with a monumental conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto. There are nine planets in our solar system. So, by lighting up candles and earth lamps for exactly nine minutes at 7.29 o’clock (9 o`clock in India), we would be sending an SOS to the nine planets for helping us get rid of the coronavirus epidemic.

We have to mollify the mercurial Mars, the ruling planet of ailments.  So, the priests have come up with a simple solution to pacify all the nine planets in just one shot: offer a spoonful of oil to an earthen lamp and place it in the courtyard or balcony, then look at the sky silently.  Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Moon, Sun and Venus would all be gratified. I have done it and it looks like other Mauritian Hindus like me were also doing the same thing. After lighting up the earth lamps at 7.29 exactly I put off all the lights in my house and went into the pooja room (the room where all my gods are all placed). There was a diya( earth lamp)  and incense sticks lit there too and I sat down and started praying for 9 minutes until my father in law came up and called me out. He was not understanding what to do and what was happening so I told him he should pray that no negativity or no virus comes into our house and that this virus goes away forever and stop killing people. I felt spiritually peaceful after the prayer was done. Also there was a Divali vibe around which made me feel happy. I hope god somehow listens to our prayers and help us all. I have the faith he will 🙂 For now friends I go to bed. Thank you all once again for the likes and support <3. Toodles 😀


Hello world! Actually I do not know what to type here. So let`s start with the date. Today, Saturday 4th of April 2020, my hubby called me to tell that  Mauritius has recorded, as at date, a total of 196 positive cases of Covid-19, including seven deaths. So somehow I was right that by the end of this week we will reach the 200. The government also took decisions like a home to home payment system of pension to some 58 000 beneficiaries, comprising the elderly, people with disabilities and the vulnerable,  which is already being implemented.

The pm announced that to support the needy in this dire situation, some 65 000 vulnerable households will benefit from a 20 percent reduction on their electricity bills while small enterprises whose electricity consumption do not exceed 125 kilowatts will receive a reduction of 10 percent. He also outlined a series of measures taken in the wake of this unprecedented situation, namely financial support of Rs 5100 to persons employed in informal sectors and those who are self-employed, and reopening of supermarkets under strict guidelines. I have been able to fill up my food supplies thanks to the help of my father in law and the colleagues of hubby. Through Facebook, I got to know that 7 people (the relatives of patient 0) have been cured. They were tested negative to the test of coronavirus but they will be tested again just to be sure and if it is still negative they can go back home. I do not think that is a good idea. I know it might be their immune system has been able to fight back the virus but it has also happen in China where the people were cured then again they were tested positive with Covid-19 after a few days. I think the authorities should keep them for more days under observation/ But i also understand that there is not enough place to keep all these people.

A doctor who is infected and his parents also were admitted to the hospital. Yesterday I got his voice message posted on Facebook where he said that his mother condition was worsening so as a doctor he told his mother to follow the doctors advice and get admitted to another hospital. When she end up at the other hospital  things got worst. They closed her in a room. Nobody came to checked on her. The room was super dirty. And when they bring food they just open a small opening and slide it to her. The son been asking help from the authorities (other doctors also) but they ignore him therefore he contacted a radio channel and gave them this voice message. Unfortunately the radio channel got close for a few days due to this message which was a bit contradictory. After listening to this message, I got the feeling that the government hiddenly was applying the same thing that Italy did. Letting old people died to give the treatment to the youngsters. My hubby insist that I should watch the infos regularly but what is the use of it. It is just so stressful.

Also my best friend (more than 15 years of friendship and growing up together, going to the same college, same classes every year). She`s a lesbian and I knew it beforehand. When she told me herself and that she is in  a relationship, I fully supported her and her couple. Here in Mauritius, it is not really acceptable by family and all. I was the only one who supported her. Her girlfriend even cheated on her with a man and nearly left her because she was scared of her family. But I told my friend if you love her so much then be with her until the end and forgive her, because she is human and we make mistakes. That same girlfriend wrote a comment on me indirectly, trying to show me down because I like every posts that my friend post on Facebook. Then her girlfriend proceeded on unfriending me on my friend`s account. My friend was asking for my Watsapp to stay in contact with me after explaining to me what happen and I told her you did not tell her we are like sisters, a family. She said her girlfriend said she does not want any explanation. So I told my supposedly best friend about how I supported her ect and now she is letting me down like this. Never mind, she does not need to stay in contact with me on Watsapp otherwise if her girlfriend finds out she will again dramatize for nothing. And I said goodbye to her. And yes my dear friends, there are friends like this in this world who breaks your heart into pieces for someone else. I did not sleep last night. I kept thinking about her but I convince myself it is fine, let her live her life. 

Coming to hubby, he video call me today and I felt like I have not seen him for eternity. I am so happy I have been able to see him. His father and brothers spoke with him. They were also very happy and he wished my father in law Happy Birthday (I did not know but I did wish him afterwards though). They have started disembarking the cargo on the ship and this is a good news. There is not much left now and as soon as they finish they will get back and negotiates about not going back to Agalega again (atleast until this virus does not disappear). They have done their part of their jobs. Thankfully he will be back soon and I can sleep happy tonight 🙂