Hey guys! I never though I say that one day but I feel tired doing nothing. Today, Tuesday 31th March 2020. the total confirmed cases of Coronavirus is 145 and 5 deaths. Mostly its old people who are dying I guess depends on someone immune system. Like I said before, I am not surprised. Right now, we are still good compared to other countries who have over 1000 of infected people. But sooner or later we will get there.Tomorrow, all supermarkets are going to be open under strict conditions.

I do have food left but still I like to make sure I have the basic ones full so I asked my father in law to buy some food for me. I do not know how many days I am going to be alone like this and if the supermarkets will be closed again for days, that is why. I like being prepared in advance. Only one person per caddy and per family is allow in the supermarkets and we got 2 days of the week to shop for food for only 30 mins, per our surname`s 1st alphabet. Also we can not come back to aisle we have been to. The authorities will place doctors and sanitizers at the entry of the supermarkets and if ever someone is sick they will not be allowed to enter. 

Honestly, I am feeling sick so do not want to go anywhere for now. To kill time, I re join Second Life. It`s a virtual game I used to play when I was in college. It will keep me busy. I think hubby will be back by next week but not sure. Coming back to the 10 year old girl`s murder, Mauritians are really upset about this incident and they want the law to hang the parents to death. I am for this too. They deserved it. But we do not have this kind of law here so maybe they will have a few years sentence in prison and will come out in bail like it has always happens here. As for me, I feel super tired  so I go to bed. Take care guys. Stay safe.