Today is Wednesday 1st April 2020, the day when everybody use to joke and make a fool of their friend (in a good way). Unfortunately right now, nobody is really interested in jokes as life itself has become a joke now. The coronavirus is spreading in Mauritius at an alarming rate. We are at 162 confirmed cases and 6th deaths. I do not even want to watch the news anymore. The only good thing about today is the last day of quarantine for my hubby. Tomorrow we will get more informations about what they should do. I sincerely hope he comes back safely home.

Tomorrow all supermarkets will be open under strict conditions. People are eagerly waiting for this. Frankly, i think it`s a bad idea of the government. They already knows Mauritians never respect conditions placed by authorities. At the end of the day they will do what they want. My father in law will buy food for his house so I ask him to buy some stuffs for me too. I think later the government might closed down the supermarkets again so I prefer to take my precautions. 

Apart that life is good. Life is short but beautiful. I think instead of being scared that we might die tomorrow, its better we enjoy the current moment, the moment we are alive and with our loved ones.