Hi guys! Today, Friday 3rd April 2020, the confirmed cases of Coronavirus is at 169 and 7 deaths. It`s been two sad days because so much is going on outside. I can`t take it anymore so I stop even thinking about it and did not write the blog yesterday. Here we got a baby of 4 months who is infected and her mother also.  Also a kid of 9 years old is infected. The saddest thing is a young girl of 20 years old died due to Covid-19. The doctor who was treating her talk to the press yesterday and he almost cried on TV. He somewhat scolded Mauritians not taking adequate precautions and also not respecting the confinement. He also said that we do not know how the girl suffered.We do not realize the danger we are facing right now. The girl`s parents saw her last time when she got admitted in hospital. Since they had not seen her and when she passed away, they were not allow to even participate in her funeral. The doctor managed to video call them through  Watsapp so they could atleast see her one last time. Now her parents also are sick and being tested. This is so terrible. I know many people are dying because of it around the world but why babies ? why kids? 

I am a big fan of zombies movies. I always imagine how it would be awesome to have a virus spread and people turn into zombies in real life. I will have to hide with my family and I set up traps for zombies and keep one as my pet HA HA. Part of my imagination is now my reality (the virus and apocalypse thing going on right now) but I hate it so bad. I want to go back to 2019 or even better the 2010. I had so many things planned for 2020. I used to work in a Supermarket when I was 22 years old or something. I was there for its opening and I knew the whole staff. Sadly, today I got to know that they had to close that Supermarket due to someone in the staff being infected and now I think the authorities will contact traced everybody who work there and put them in quarantine. Most were my friends. I feel bad for them. 

For my hubby, I thought things were getting better in his case but no. The Agaléens accepted to disembark the cargo from the ship under the conditions that they will not get on the ship and crew of the ship won`t come on the island, and they even started as from today. It will take them 3 to 5 days to finish disembarking and another 3 to 4 days for hubby to come back. Unfortunately, someone decided that the commandos should stay on the ship itself. They will come back to get more food supplies and return back to Agalega because they are already quarantined and tested. They are not infected therefore it will be a quick process the 2nd time. But what about their families who are waiting for them here? We will have to wait for months then for them to come back home. But they won`t accept because they want to come back home. I will go crazy alone and stressed grr.

People are still grouping to buy foods from supermarkets and me too I am stocking up my food supplies atleast the basic necessities. I won`t be going out because I already have some health issues so father in law and hubby`s colleagues are helping me out. Other than this I am doing fine. Second life game been keeping me busy lately. Days are passing by quick. I miss going to university. For now, I need to go to bed. Toodles!