Hello world! Really, writing this blog became something really important for me and I truly appreciate that I got many followers ❤ It makes me feel warm inside whenever I see a like or a comment from you guys :). It makes me feel like I am not really alone. Well today, Sunday 15th of April 2020, I do not know how many cases of coronavirus there are. And I took a break from this info. I woke up, eat, watch tv, talk on phone, clean the house and then cook lunch. I pretended it was a normal lazy Sunday for me and it felt good to forget about this pandemic.

Hubby call me today to tell me that the Agaléens were upset I am not sure why so they stop disembarking the cargos and again my hubby and others will have to wait for them to made up their minds to take all the stuffs off the ship. I am not even sure now I will see him this coming weekend (sigh). 

In India, Pm Modi Ji said that because of planetary positions and also coronavirus, we hindus should light up earth lamps or candles at 9 o`clock and pray. April 5 sees the biggest transit of the month with a monumental conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto. There are nine planets in our solar system. So, by lighting up candles and earth lamps for exactly nine minutes at 7.29 o’clock (9 o`clock in India), we would be sending an SOS to the nine planets for helping us get rid of the coronavirus epidemic.

We have to mollify the mercurial Mars, the ruling planet of ailments.  So, the priests have come up with a simple solution to pacify all the nine planets in just one shot: offer a spoonful of oil to an earthen lamp and place it in the courtyard or balcony, then look at the sky silently.  Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Moon, Sun and Venus would all be gratified. I have done it and it looks like other Mauritian Hindus like me were also doing the same thing. After lighting up the earth lamps at 7.29 exactly I put off all the lights in my house and went into the pooja room (the room where all my gods are all placed). There was a diya( earth lamp)  and incense sticks lit there too and I sat down and started praying for 9 minutes until my father in law came up and called me out. He was not understanding what to do and what was happening so I told him he should pray that no negativity or no virus comes into our house and that this virus goes away forever and stop killing people. I felt spiritually peaceful after the prayer was done. Also there was a Divali vibe around which made me feel happy. I hope god somehow listens to our prayers and help us all. I have the faith he will 🙂 For now friends I go to bed. Thank you all once again for the likes and support <3. Toodles 😀

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