Hello world! Today is Tuesday 7th of April 2020 and the total number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 is 268, 253 in isolation, 8 cured and 7 deaths. I thought we had already pass 300 but in the infos it showed 268 cases. Still its going up. Yesterday I got busy with the game Second life but really it is too much of drama in a game so today no second life. Today it`s been the usual day if we ignore the game. Also my hubby been able to activate internet on his mobile phone so now he can chat with me which is awesome! He told me they are still disembarking the cargo slowly and in like 2 days time they might be over. These  2 days time does not seem to end. But hopefully he will be back home this weekend. Anyways in Mauritius things are still the same supermarkets open and all. Many people are out roaming I do not know why. 

Unfortunately, in the afternoon, I got the bad news that my uncle`s wife (the small brother of my mom), she got coronavirus. They live in UK with their 2 little boys. She work in the hospital and i guess it is from there she got infected. She is also asthma patient. She is quarantined in her own house in a room. I feel very stressed for them. I am scared for those kids. Also their food supplies are nearly over and there is no one there to help them out. We feel really helpless. And we do not know if the kids and my uncle are infected yet. I hope they are not and also my aunt get cured quick. Her kids needs her. 

Yesterday my college besties video call me and it was great to hear from them after so many months. We had a fun time talking and gossiping. Now just waiting for the virus to go away, so I can meet them. I miss them and I miss my college. This virus makes us realize that in the end it is not money or cars which are important but your family and friends. Nothing can equal to their love and support. I go to bed early today so guys stay safe ❤

2 thoughts on “18th and 19th DAYS CONFINEMENT COVID-19 MRU

  1. very sad to know that your uncle’s wife in UK got infected due to Corona Virus! It’s more sorrowful about their kids and whether they get food timely and any min service avail to them!

    1. Thank you for the support Rama. Sadly, there is nobody out there to help them. But knowing my uncle, im sure he will find a way for his kids. If I was not so far (another country), I would go to their place to help them. God will help them in some way ❤

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