Hello world! how are you all today? Yesterday I had a horrible day. Some people were stalking me on internet and saying weird things. It was really crazy. They pretended having my infos and emails and stuffs. I did not understand their problem with me actually. All I understood was they were plain crazy and needed to get a life. After trying to know what was their problem, I gave up and went offline. I was scared and talk to some friends about the issue and they explain to me nobody can do me anything. I just need to secure my accounts. I could not sleep the whole night feeling weird. They accused me of horrible things. It was all going back and forth in my head. I am a god fearing person and very sensitive also and knowing I might have hurt someone unknowingly kept me awake the whole night. I couldn`t get this thought out of my head so I contacted my baby cousine who is my best friend, my sister, my partner in crime and always giving me good advices. I explain the whole situation to her and she said those people were just scaring me that is all. I should just ignore them and nothing will happen. After talking to her I really felt better. And I did what she said… I ignore and for real nothing happen…they did not hack my accounts nor message me again. They were just gone. Sometimes people pass their time like this insulting others on internet. It makes them feel great i guess.

I am happy they left me alone. I pray they do not come back clashing with me again. So to this present day, Thursday 9th April 2020, the total number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus is 314 cases and 7 cured. The media is mostly focusing on the cured patients. I am happy for them, it is a big thing they got cured but if they could focus more on the patients who are still sick, giving us more information about their healths and all would have been much better. Also the government decided that the blood  of cured patients will be used on the infected ones because their blood plasma is presumably full of protective substances like antibodies, if it’s injected into sick people, it may help them fight off the disease. It’s an old strategy and dates back as far as the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak in the United States, when doctors reported that it helped reduce the number of deaths in seriously ill patients. Recently, it’s been used on an experimental basis to treat people with MERS, H1N1, and Ebola. So I truly hope it works. 

Today, I had an interesting day. I have been seeing a new craze going on around internet..THE DALGONA COFFEE. I was a bit skeptic about it first but I was bored so I decided to just try it. I did some research on it and watch some reviews videos on YouTube. And I started the preparation while cooking lunch at the same time. I whisk and whisk and whisk until I could no longer feel my arm but the coffee cream was perfect. I completed it and the final product look fabulous to me…amateur but still looks delicious (posted a photo of my chilled coffee below). I just love coffee and after all the hard-work on whisking, I was excited of trying it. First time, I was having an iced coffee. I tried it and it was so good I can not even explain how good it was. I just fell in love. I was not expecting it to be this good and also the chilled (ice) part was something worth trying for me as it is summer here and super hot. It was just refreshing. I recommend it! You just have to use the right doses and also whisk well. It is my new go-to summer drink now! Unfortunately, due to the virus and lockdown, I can not get more coffee. There is not much coffee left at home. I will keep it for hubby because now I am excited to make him try it. I am sure he is going to love it. He loves everything I cook for him actually. He says I am the best cook. Few years back, I did not even know how to make tea or noodles which annoyed him because he loves good food. He is an excellent cook. I try my best learning cooking by myself through internet (out of love for him) and now he says I can be a chef in a big restaurant or something. Honestly, I believe the way to a man`s heart is through his stomach. Now I can cook any dishes whether Italian, creole, Chinese, Indian, any seafood and Mauritian cuisine. 

Coming to hubby`s job, he is still on the ship. Alas, one of the boat (there is 2 of them and they are like a floating platform) which was a medium of transportation of the supplies  from the Cargo ship to the Island Agalega, broke into half this morning there and it is non-operating. Now, they will have to disembark on only one boat and it will take more time. It seems to me I will meet my hubby next week itself. I hope so he comes sooner. For now, time to bed. Stay safe! TOODLES! ❤



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