Hello world! I hope you are all fine and thank you so much for the likes. It is very encouraging 🙂 . Today, Saturday 11th of April 2020, the total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Mauritius is 319 and 9 deaths. Yes, sadly yesterday two Mauritians lost their battle against Covid-19. One was a homeless man and the other one was really rich and was an Executive in a big company here. Their funerals were held at the same cemetery, Bigarra. This is the irony of life. We, human beings, run after materialistic things, money and in the end, none of these will be with us when we die. What really matters is the love and memories you share with your love ones. 

Yesterday, there was not much thing going on around me. I was just so tired and sleepy. Last night, I was awake until  2 am, solving riddles in my family group chat. It was fun playing with them. I woke up early because a friend in second life had invited me in his party. I tried the game Greedy and folks, this is the most complicated game I ever came across in my life. I played for like hours but never understood a thing. I was dying of laughter because my friends were going crazy explaining to me and I was just messing the game up. After that I went back to sleep.  And I slept the whole day away. When I woke up, I clean the house, shower, cook dinner and prayed. I watch TV. I talk to my mom and hubby on phone. Mom was having a terrible headache. My father in law came to see me and gave me a can of tomatoes. Life saviour!  It is becoming very difficult to get a tomato can, ginger, tissue rolls, garlic and onions.

Hubby told me they had finish disembarking and now they are returning the empty cargo boxes to the ship he was on. Until tomorrow they might be over with it. But, the way I am lucky lol, one of the small platform boat collided with the ship he was on and because of the collision, there was a hole on the ship. Therefore, tomorrow they will have to repair it and now we do not know how many days it might take. Hopefully, by Monday they might take the road ( I know there is no road on the sea) back home. Anyways, back in Mauritius here things are getting nastier. The government took the decision of let go free 423 prisoners. I do not know why and from where he is getting such ideas. There are already many thieves and thugs roaming around stealing from vegetables to kidnapping kids. It just does not make sense. I don`t remember if I had mention it in my previous post but they also decided to extend the lock-down until May. Now we should not only be scared of being infected but also scared that anytime a thief can get into our houses.

I am tired of this lockdown. I can not believe I stayed in the house for like nearly a month. I did not go out on the road at all. I do want to stay alive but at the same time I am so fed up of everything. I wish it was just all a bad dream and I would wake up to a beautiful day where I am going to the beach or shopping with hubby. Anyways, Its time for me to go to bed guys. Take care and stay safe ❤ TOODLES ❤

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