Hello world! I got two quotes to share with you all. 1st one is:

You will face many defeats in life but never let yourself be defeated…

In this situation, we won`t let Coronavirus wins. We will all fight till the end. Today, Monday 13th of April 2020, the total number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus is 234 and after 3 long weeks, finally, today is the day where we got no other confirmed cases while doing the tests. It is a positive sign but as usual, many Mauritians took this positive sign as Yes Coronavirus is over. They started going out more. It is like they are celebrating New Year or something. Anyways, it is still a good news and I hope it continues like this, no more coronavirus anywhere in this world 😀

Yesterday, I talk with hubby and he told me they are on the way back home! So I am very very very happy. By Wednesday, he will be back home. Today, I did not get into contact with him because of no network. I am so tired of this lockdown, I secretly plan a small picnic at the beach with hubby and his best friend. His best friend recently came back from Italy due to the virus. Like hubby, he was also quarantined and tested negative. So I guess, if we avoid other human beings and reach the beach safely we will be fine. But I know hubby. He will never agree to this still I give it a try when he comes back.

Other than this, nothing interesting happened these two days. Oh, my family shared old photos of me and cousins as kids  on Facebook and I look so different even my mother could not recognize me. It was funny. I also tried baking an eggless vanilla cake but it was a failure. But even though it did not look good, it was yummy. Tomorrow is going to be a hectic day for me. I will clean the whole house. I want everything to be perfect for him 🙂 . For now I go to bed. Stay safe! ❤ TOODLES ❤



3 thoughts on “24th and 25th DAYS CONFINEMENT COVID-19 MRU

  1. Very inspiring indeed! Great post. Keep it up👍
    Btw I too blog @ The Confessions Of A Music And Book Addict and would appreciate some support!
    Stay safe
    -Prutha xoxo

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