Hello guys! I am so happy. So first, I am getting so much support and positive messages from you all. I can`t even explain in words how it makes me feels. I never thought writing a blog could connect me to the rest of the world in such a positive way. We are all going through the same crisis and I know we will definitely come out of it soon. 

Even after the worst storms, the sun will shine again.

Without the rain we would never feel thankful for the warmth of the sun.

Maybe this is what the virus is  teaching us…the priceless value of life and love ❤

On Tuesday, 14th of April 2020, I woke up late and tired but was determine to clean the whole house which I did. I spent my whole day cleaning. At night, even thought I was so tired, I stay wide awake occasionally yawning. I was on Facebook watching lives. I was so excited my hubby was coming back home. The next day, Wednesday, 15th of April, I woke up late again. I checked my phone but no miss calls from my hubby. I thought maybe he has not yet reach Mauritius Island but no as soon as I came to the door, he was here :D. I was all messy. I have not even brush my teeth (laughs). This was not really the way I wanted to welcome him back home. But he did not care if I was in a mess. He was so happy to see me in front of him. Things got really romantic after that. I won`t go into the saucy details but yes it was an awesome day. 

Concerning the Coronavirus, we do not have any case. But the tests are still going on. Hopefully, if it continues like that the lock-down will be remove on 4th of May. Also I hope this time the government is not lying to us…again. Stay safe!! Toodles ❤

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