Hello world! I hope you are all fine ❤ Things been getting better here on my island so far. There’s been no confirmed cases of Coronavirus been nearly 5 days. I have been spending a good time with hubby watching tv and cooking good food. These two days, Thursday 16th and Friday 17 th of April 2020 been two normal days for me. I even got to eat my favorite fruit and nut Cadbury.

Hubby has been thinking of going to supermarket. But still I think we need to take continuous precautions. Hubby’s friend came to visit us. He’s been living in Italy for a while and when there was a Coronavirus outbreak there, he had to come back. He was quarantined and tested negative here.

I sent hubby with him to the beach (no one was there apart them). I thought its good for him because its not easy to stay on a ship for days like he did. He needs to walk around on land. Of course all the necessary precautions were taken. Other than that nothing interesting been going on. I hope you all have a great weekend ahead!. Stay safe! TOODLES