Hello world! I hope you are all fine ❤ Things been getting better here on my island so far. There’s been no confirmed cases of Coronavirus been nearly 5 days. I have been spending a good time with hubby watching tv and cooking good food. These two days, Thursday 16th and Friday 17 th of April 2020 been two normal days for me. I even got to eat my favorite fruit and nut Cadbury.

Hubby has been thinking of going to supermarket. But still I think we need to take continuous precautions. Hubby’s friend came to visit us. He’s been living in Italy for a while and when there was a Coronavirus outbreak there, he had to come back. He was quarantined and tested negative here.

I sent hubby with him to the beach (no one was there apart them). I thought its good for him because its not easy to stay on a ship for days like he did. He needs to walk around on land. Of course all the necessary precautions were taken. Other than that nothing interesting been going on. I hope you all have a great weekend ahead!. Stay safe! TOODLES

4 thoughts on “28th and 29th DAYS CONFINEMENT COVID-19 MRU

  1. hope your island people are fine! Nice, even though’, it seems cool n calm, we can’t believe that it’s 100% COVID-19 free zone since it takes 14-28 days and even more in some immune resist cases to confirm a patient tests positive! here we are still in lockdown amidst pandemic! Seems we can’t expect, how it will be after lockdown i.e. from 3rd May 2020 onwards?
    thank you,

    1. well we had like 9 deaths here but somehow i feel like the govt is hiding the real figures of infected cases but anyways people are slowly resuming to their normal routine here…now they do not really care or panic this much. We are hoping that things gets better. It will soon 🙂 Tke care and thank you for the support 😀

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