Hello world! It`s been a week since I type anything for my blog. It`s been a really busy week honestly. Having hubby back home is like having a 7 years old son at home (laugh). I spent my days cleaning after him and cooking …mostly cooking. He loves homemade food. He helps me a lot though but I prefer to do my work by myself. On 18th, we finally got a confirmed case of Coronavirus. It was a man who`s been roaming around and we were informed that he must have infected others. It was like all starting back again. A vicious circle. Therefore, this time it was not that scary like the 1st time. People are just getting use to it. Since that day we kept having an update about the situation and today, Friday 24th of April 2020, the total number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus is 330. We got the 330th patient today itself. A girl, the daughter of the 329th patient.

Excepting that, the days been quiet normal for me and the family. We been able to fill up our food supplies again and hubby`s friend been visiting us. Today, we even had dinner together. He lives nearby so we did not really had any issue about him coming to our house and of course, we take all precautions needed. I just can not believe that I have not step out of the house since day 1 of announcement of Coronavirus in Mauritius. I never thought one day I will spent 36 days in confinement. I want to go out 😦 . My uncle in UK, he doing fine. His wife is recovering and his kids also are helping their father to manage everything. I am glad she is getting better.

I no longer follow any news and any lives online. Things are getting boring nowadays. I am eagerly waiting for the day when there will be no virus and everything will be back to normal. We will go out of our houses and enjoy nature. I have plan so many things. I am sure you all too 🙂 . Stay safe! TOODLES ❤

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