Hello world! Since the last time, I wrote on my blog, lot of things happened. We, seldom, were getting one or 2 cases and today, Friday, 1st of May 2020, the total confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Mauritius is 332 and 10 deaths. Yes, from 9 deaths to 10 in 1 week. It was a doctor who had treated the patient 0. Poor soul, he fought for all of us and now he is in heaven. Two days ago he passed away 😦 .

The government took some decisions like lockdown was extended until 1st June 2020. Partial lockdown as from 15th May 2020, some people can resume to work and students will go back to school in August. I think these are well thought decisions. Somehow, things are getting better even thought we lost some frontliners to Covid-19. Recently, two policemen were tested positive to the virus. They are now testing the whole police force including the unit of hubby. He, voluntarily wanted to do the test but he was already tested on the ship and also quarantined so I do not think he needs to do the test again. I heard the tests here in Mauritius are limited.

Having hubby back home makes me happy among all these sad news. He makes me feel positive in all this negativity. Of course, at my place also things has not been easy. Having my father in law`s sister as neighbor is no fun. She is constantly bickering and insulting us and this is what is been going on this whole week. Another sister of my father in law is sick. She has blood cancer and is admitted in hospital. Doctors said she might not live. I feel sad for her and her family. I read somewhere… when someone has cancer, the whole family and everyone who loves them does too. 

Today, was the birthday of my baby niece, Ourvi. I was looking after her since she was 2 months old and now she grown so quick and big…I miss her terribly. I am putting on weigh and feel bloated all the time. I think by the time lockdown is remove, I will be obese (laughs). Seriously, I should start exercising at home. I have been feeling sick since a few days. Bloating, nausea and terrible headache. Also, I sleep like a Koala now. Constantly feeling sleepy. I spent my days sleeping and cooking. I had downloaded Blender and sign up on Flickr to try new things like Second life Photography and also animations but have not been able to spent more time on it. I have been only sleeping in my free time. I should sleep right now LOL. I go to bed. Take care and stay safe! ❤ TOODLES ❤




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