Hello world! I hope you all are fine. For me, it`s been 2 long hectic weeks. Starting with coronavirus…today, 19th of May 2020, the good news is now Mauritius Island is virus free. I do not know if it is permanently or not but I hope it does disappear not only from here but from the whole world. But government deem it right to extend the lockdown till 4th of June 2020. 

Concerning my life, it was all chaotic these 2 weeks. I somehow manage and survived. My father in law got 4 sisters who lives next to my house. The mother of my hubby passed away when he was like 16 years old and then his father got married to a really bad lady. Since I got married, the step mother been making my life hell. I always tried to avoid her. Among the 4 sisters, 2 were really good friends with her (and yes they make my life hell too) and 13 days ago one of them passed away due to cancer. Honestly, this one was the worst (god forgive me but I have to share this burden on my heart). She did everything she could to make me cry and suffer…me and hubby even end up without having food because of her (they plan of not letting me use the kitchen of my father in law…i did not have kitchen of my own). She insulted me a lot lot throughout my 5 years of married life and I have never done anything wrong to her. Recently, she`s been staying sick. I thought maybe it was fever. Nobody wanted to tell me she had cancer. We kept on questioning around even thought she never really cared about us. When we finally came to know she had cancer and it was last stage, we felt sad for her and visited her to the hospital. She kept looking at me hatefully but I asked her at that time how she feels? she said she was good. She got discharged for a few days and her sisters took care of her. She could not eat properly nor drink. Then a few days back we got to know she passed away. I went downstairs to see my father in law. He was crying :(. I felt really sad. Then I went to see the 2 nice aunts (2 other sisters of my father in law) and they were both trembling and traumatized. I quickly took care of them giving them water and all. My hubby went to the hospital to get the body. When the body came, according to Hindu ritual, women had to bath her and get her ready as a bride (because she was married). Everybody was just fainting around, so I decided to help with the bath unfortunately on seeing the body, I went completely numb. I could not move and kept standing there watching them bathing her.

I helped in getting her ready. We stay near the body the whole night. The next day was her funeral and then midday she was gone. It was a heart breaking moment for my in laws including me. The only person who was constantly smiling was the step mother. She did not care the least. She had started a new mission. The deceased`s son had a girlfriend who came to the funeral so she was busy getting friendly to her and showing me off. I was more concentrated on how the aunt`s son will manage now and how I could help him out. After the funeral, we kept praying for days for her soul to attain salvation and also preparing her favorite meals to offer her before her final voyage to heaven. I cooked for her and the whole family. In the 10th day prayer, the whole family really appreciated my help and they were all being nice to me (which is rare from them).

When everything was over and we were packing all the stuffs and cleaning around, an uncle who was drunk started talking nonsense about my hubby saying, my hubby is a jerk…he did not even care to see the aunt before she dies. And now he is eating her food and participating in her prayers. He said that the aunt before dying has clearly said to not let us touch her body or touch her food or participate in her prayers. He started cursing us both. I kept standing there and watching him. Thankfully, for the 1st time my father in law stood by me and hubby`s sides. But the guy did not want to go away and kept cursing us. He did not know we did meet the aunt and we were doing everything we could to help. What do they expect me or hubby to do more now? Since then, me and hubby felt really humiliated. I feel already so traumatized and now this humiliation in front of the whole family. We do not sleep well at nights. My mother says death is natural. We all have to go through it one day.  The aunt been suffering for 4 long months. And now she`s in peace. I was never fond of her and vice versa but still as a human I feel sad for her but I will never know what I have done wrong to her for her to tell people to not let us participate in her prayer.

Anyways, I wrote all this here because I needed to share. It was going round and round in my head. I hope you guys will understand me. Also I am just a human being so if ever I offends anyone with this post please excuse me 😦 . Thank you and goodnight ❤

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