Hello world! I hope you guy are fine 🙂 . Today is Tuesday, 2nd of June 2020 and this is my last day of confinement. Yesterday on 1st of June, the lockdown was removed due to no cases of Coronavirus in Mauritius. We had 2 mild cases but it was all under control so Mauritians are free…not totally free because wearing mask and all other precautions now is obligatory otherwise you pay a hefty fine. My hubby finally took me out…to supermarket (LOL). But I still enjoy my time out. I bought lots of chocolate haha. Here the weather has change. We are now in winter season so its windy and cold. I feel like staying under my blanket the whole day. 

Concerning my family, things are calm here, no drama for now and I hope it stays like this. Also for mother`s day, I could not meet my mom 😦 . She lives in the North and I live in the South. It is like 3 hours of travelling by bus and also due to the lockdown, I couldn`t step out. I miss her though. I think it is the 1st time for mother`s day, I have not seen her. We do video call but it is not the same thing like having your mother in front of you scolding you because you do not exercise and you growing fat. This moth of June is quiet a special month for me. Both me and hubby are June babies. I am glad, no more confinement. I can go out to buy him a birthday cake and a gift.

I have been having so many projects in my mind, now it is time to get them done. So I am ending this confinement blog here. But do let me know if you like me to continue writing about my daily life  :). Thank you all for your support and take care!TOODLES ❤

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