Hello world! Today is Tuesday 7th of April 2020 and the total number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 is 268, 253 in isolation, 8 cured and 7 deaths. I thought we had already pass 300 but in the infos it showed 268 cases. Still its going up. Yesterday I got busy with the game Second life but really it is too much of drama in a game so today no second life. Today it`s been the usual day if we ignore the game. Also my hubby been able to activate internet on his mobile phone so now he can chat with me which is awesome! He told me they are still disembarking the cargo slowly and in like 2 days time they might be over. These  2 days time does not seem to end. But hopefully he will be back home this weekend. Anyways in Mauritius things are still the same supermarkets open and all. Many people are out roaming I do not know why. 

Unfortunately, in the afternoon, I got the bad news that my uncle`s wife (the small brother of my mom), she got coronavirus. They live in UK with their 2 little boys. She work in the hospital and i guess it is from there she got infected. She is also asthma patient. She is quarantined in her own house in a room. I feel very stressed for them. I am scared for those kids. Also their food supplies are nearly over and there is no one there to help them out. We feel really helpless. And we do not know if the kids and my uncle are infected yet. I hope they are not and also my aunt get cured quick. Her kids needs her. 

Yesterday my college besties video call me and it was great to hear from them after so many months. We had a fun time talking and gossiping. Now just waiting for the virus to go away, so I can meet them. I miss them and I miss my college. This virus makes us realize that in the end it is not money or cars which are important but your family and friends. Nothing can equal to their love and support. I go to bed early today so guys stay safe ❤


Hello world! Really, writing this blog became something really important for me and I truly appreciate that I got many followers ❤ It makes me feel warm inside whenever I see a like or a comment from you guys :). It makes me feel like I am not really alone. Well today, Sunday 15th of April 2020, I do not know how many cases of coronavirus there are. And I took a break from this info. I woke up, eat, watch tv, talk on phone, clean the house and then cook lunch. I pretended it was a normal lazy Sunday for me and it felt good to forget about this pandemic.

Hubby call me today to tell me that the Agaléens were upset I am not sure why so they stop disembarking the cargos and again my hubby and others will have to wait for them to made up their minds to take all the stuffs off the ship. I am not even sure now I will see him this coming weekend (sigh). 

In India, Pm Modi Ji said that because of planetary positions and also coronavirus, we hindus should light up earth lamps or candles at 9 o`clock and pray. April 5 sees the biggest transit of the month with a monumental conjunction between Jupiter and Pluto. There are nine planets in our solar system. So, by lighting up candles and earth lamps for exactly nine minutes at 7.29 o’clock (9 o`clock in India), we would be sending an SOS to the nine planets for helping us get rid of the coronavirus epidemic.

We have to mollify the mercurial Mars, the ruling planet of ailments.  So, the priests have come up with a simple solution to pacify all the nine planets in just one shot: offer a spoonful of oil to an earthen lamp and place it in the courtyard or balcony, then look at the sky silently.  Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Moon, Sun and Venus would all be gratified. I have done it and it looks like other Mauritian Hindus like me were also doing the same thing. After lighting up the earth lamps at 7.29 exactly I put off all the lights in my house and went into the pooja room (the room where all my gods are all placed). There was a diya( earth lamp)  and incense sticks lit there too and I sat down and started praying for 9 minutes until my father in law came up and called me out. He was not understanding what to do and what was happening so I told him he should pray that no negativity or no virus comes into our house and that this virus goes away forever and stop killing people. I felt spiritually peaceful after the prayer was done. Also there was a Divali vibe around which made me feel happy. I hope god somehow listens to our prayers and help us all. I have the faith he will 🙂 For now friends I go to bed. Thank you all once again for the likes and support <3. Toodles 😀


Hello world! Actually I do not know what to type here. So let`s start with the date. Today, Saturday 4th of April 2020, my hubby called me to tell that  Mauritius has recorded, as at date, a total of 196 positive cases of Covid-19, including seven deaths. So somehow I was right that by the end of this week we will reach the 200. The government also took decisions like a home to home payment system of pension to some 58 000 beneficiaries, comprising the elderly, people with disabilities and the vulnerable,  which is already being implemented.

The pm announced that to support the needy in this dire situation, some 65 000 vulnerable households will benefit from a 20 percent reduction on their electricity bills while small enterprises whose electricity consumption do not exceed 125 kilowatts will receive a reduction of 10 percent. He also outlined a series of measures taken in the wake of this unprecedented situation, namely financial support of Rs 5100 to persons employed in informal sectors and those who are self-employed, and reopening of supermarkets under strict guidelines. I have been able to fill up my food supplies thanks to the help of my father in law and the colleagues of hubby. Through Facebook, I got to know that 7 people (the relatives of patient 0) have been cured. They were tested negative to the test of coronavirus but they will be tested again just to be sure and if it is still negative they can go back home. I do not think that is a good idea. I know it might be their immune system has been able to fight back the virus but it has also happen in China where the people were cured then again they were tested positive with Covid-19 after a few days. I think the authorities should keep them for more days under observation/ But i also understand that there is not enough place to keep all these people.

A doctor who is infected and his parents also were admitted to the hospital. Yesterday I got his voice message posted on Facebook where he said that his mother condition was worsening so as a doctor he told his mother to follow the doctors advice and get admitted to another hospital. When she end up at the other hospital  things got worst. They closed her in a room. Nobody came to checked on her. The room was super dirty. And when they bring food they just open a small opening and slide it to her. The son been asking help from the authorities (other doctors also) but they ignore him therefore he contacted a radio channel and gave them this voice message. Unfortunately the radio channel got close for a few days due to this message which was a bit contradictory. After listening to this message, I got the feeling that the government hiddenly was applying the same thing that Italy did. Letting old people died to give the treatment to the youngsters. My hubby insist that I should watch the infos regularly but what is the use of it. It is just so stressful.

Also my best friend (more than 15 years of friendship and growing up together, going to the same college, same classes every year). She`s a lesbian and I knew it beforehand. When she told me herself and that she is in  a relationship, I fully supported her and her couple. Here in Mauritius, it is not really acceptable by family and all. I was the only one who supported her. Her girlfriend even cheated on her with a man and nearly left her because she was scared of her family. But I told my friend if you love her so much then be with her until the end and forgive her, because she is human and we make mistakes. That same girlfriend wrote a comment on me indirectly, trying to show me down because I like every posts that my friend post on Facebook. Then her girlfriend proceeded on unfriending me on my friend`s account. My friend was asking for my Watsapp to stay in contact with me after explaining to me what happen and I told her you did not tell her we are like sisters, a family. She said her girlfriend said she does not want any explanation. So I told my supposedly best friend about how I supported her ect and now she is letting me down like this. Never mind, she does not need to stay in contact with me on Watsapp otherwise if her girlfriend finds out she will again dramatize for nothing. And I said goodbye to her. And yes my dear friends, there are friends like this in this world who breaks your heart into pieces for someone else. I did not sleep last night. I kept thinking about her but I convince myself it is fine, let her live her life. 

Coming to hubby, he video call me today and I felt like I have not seen him for eternity. I am so happy I have been able to see him. His father and brothers spoke with him. They were also very happy and he wished my father in law Happy Birthday (I did not know but I did wish him afterwards though). They have started disembarking the cargo on the ship and this is a good news. There is not much left now and as soon as they finish they will get back and negotiates about not going back to Agalega again (atleast until this virus does not disappear). They have done their part of their jobs. Thankfully he will be back soon and I can sleep happy tonight 🙂


Hi guys! Today, Friday 3rd April 2020, the confirmed cases of Coronavirus is at 169 and 7 deaths. It`s been two sad days because so much is going on outside. I can`t take it anymore so I stop even thinking about it and did not write the blog yesterday. Here we got a baby of 4 months who is infected and her mother also.  Also a kid of 9 years old is infected. The saddest thing is a young girl of 20 years old died due to Covid-19. The doctor who was treating her talk to the press yesterday and he almost cried on TV. He somewhat scolded Mauritians not taking adequate precautions and also not respecting the confinement. He also said that we do not know how the girl suffered.We do not realize the danger we are facing right now. The girl`s parents saw her last time when she got admitted in hospital. Since they had not seen her and when she passed away, they were not allow to even participate in her funeral. The doctor managed to video call them through  Watsapp so they could atleast see her one last time. Now her parents also are sick and being tested. This is so terrible. I know many people are dying because of it around the world but why babies ? why kids? 

I am a big fan of zombies movies. I always imagine how it would be awesome to have a virus spread and people turn into zombies in real life. I will have to hide with my family and I set up traps for zombies and keep one as my pet HA HA. Part of my imagination is now my reality (the virus and apocalypse thing going on right now) but I hate it so bad. I want to go back to 2019 or even better the 2010. I had so many things planned for 2020. I used to work in a Supermarket when I was 22 years old or something. I was there for its opening and I knew the whole staff. Sadly, today I got to know that they had to close that Supermarket due to someone in the staff being infected and now I think the authorities will contact traced everybody who work there and put them in quarantine. Most were my friends. I feel bad for them. 

For my hubby, I thought things were getting better in his case but no. The Agaléens accepted to disembark the cargo from the ship under the conditions that they will not get on the ship and crew of the ship won`t come on the island, and they even started as from today. It will take them 3 to 5 days to finish disembarking and another 3 to 4 days for hubby to come back. Unfortunately, someone decided that the commandos should stay on the ship itself. They will come back to get more food supplies and return back to Agalega because they are already quarantined and tested. They are not infected therefore it will be a quick process the 2nd time. But what about their families who are waiting for them here? We will have to wait for months then for them to come back home. But they won`t accept because they want to come back home. I will go crazy alone and stressed grr.

People are still grouping to buy foods from supermarkets and me too I am stocking up my food supplies atleast the basic necessities. I won`t be going out because I already have some health issues so father in law and hubby`s colleagues are helping me out. Other than this I am doing fine. Second life game been keeping me busy lately. Days are passing by quick. I miss going to university. For now, I need to go to bed. Toodles!



Today is Wednesday 1st April 2020, the day when everybody use to joke and make a fool of their friend (in a good way). Unfortunately right now, nobody is really interested in jokes as life itself has become a joke now. The coronavirus is spreading in Mauritius at an alarming rate. We are at 162 confirmed cases and 6th deaths. I do not even want to watch the news anymore. The only good thing about today is the last day of quarantine for my hubby. Tomorrow we will get more informations about what they should do. I sincerely hope he comes back safely home.

Tomorrow all supermarkets will be open under strict conditions. People are eagerly waiting for this. Frankly, i think it`s a bad idea of the government. They already knows Mauritians never respect conditions placed by authorities. At the end of the day they will do what they want. My father in law will buy food for his house so I ask him to buy some stuffs for me too. I think later the government might closed down the supermarkets again so I prefer to take my precautions. 

Apart that life is good. Life is short but beautiful. I think instead of being scared that we might die tomorrow, its better we enjoy the current moment, the moment we are alive and with our loved ones. 


Hey guys! I never though I say that one day but I feel tired doing nothing. Today, Tuesday 31th March 2020. the total confirmed cases of Coronavirus is 145 and 5 deaths. Mostly its old people who are dying I guess depends on someone immune system. Like I said before, I am not surprised. Right now, we are still good compared to other countries who have over 1000 of infected people. But sooner or later we will get there.Tomorrow, all supermarkets are going to be open under strict conditions.

I do have food left but still I like to make sure I have the basic ones full so I asked my father in law to buy some food for me. I do not know how many days I am going to be alone like this and if the supermarkets will be closed again for days, that is why. I like being prepared in advance. Only one person per caddy and per family is allow in the supermarkets and we got 2 days of the week to shop for food for only 30 mins, per our surname`s 1st alphabet. Also we can not come back to aisle we have been to. The authorities will place doctors and sanitizers at the entry of the supermarkets and if ever someone is sick they will not be allowed to enter. 

Honestly, I am feeling sick so do not want to go anywhere for now. To kill time, I re join Second Life. It`s a virtual game I used to play when I was in college. It will keep me busy. I think hubby will be back by next week but not sure. Coming back to the 10 year old girl`s murder, Mauritians are really upset about this incident and they want the law to hang the parents to death. I am for this too. They deserved it. But we do not have this kind of law here so maybe they will have a few years sentence in prison and will come out in bail like it has always happens here. As for me, I feel super tired  so I go to bed. Take care guys. Stay safe.


Hello! The world is getting crazier day by day. Today, Tuesday 30th March 2020, the total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Mauritius is 128 and 3 deaths. Also another terrible news or rather a tragedy in my island, a mother burn her 10 year old daughter. It is not the first time. In January 2020, the same mother claimed that her newborn baby drank milk and die in its sleep. This time she accepted her crime. The reason: the daughter was taking too much time eating her dinner. The woman cohabite with a man. They both were frustrated when they saw the girl taking so much time. They beat her everywhere especially on her head. They saw the girl was dead so they decided to cut her into small pieces to get rid easily of her but they could not cut her so decided to take her body in a sugar cane field and burn her. After that they buried her in manure i guess to cover up any foul smell. But god is great and someone got the burnt body of that poor little soul. Now they are jailed. I wish there was death sentence here. It would have been useful for such people. How can a mother have the heart of even doing that to her kids? Is she even a mother?

People can be so heartless sometimes. I know this very well. Also people are so dramatic. Policemen were trying to catch a drug dealer but some people started pretending that the policemen were there to hurt them. They filmed the whole scene and posted it. All I could see in that video was the policemen trying to do their jobs and people around them shouting and cussing at them. Concerning the virus, the numbers keep rising and people are still out buying stuffs. Traders are selling veggies, bread and other things hidden. The 3rd person who passed away due to Covid-19 lives in a village next to mine. His son is a doctor and when he got sick, his son decided to treat him in the house itself not in hospital. Unfortunately he did not survived and may his soul rest in peace. I feel really sad today. Life is hard. I hope you guys are safe and your families also. Please take care and stay with your love ones in this difficult moment. Enjoy every minute. Life is also short but beautiful ❤



Wow!  It`s been 10 long days. I thought its been weeks since I am in mode self quarantine. I just want to go out and breathe. When will this virus go away? So sick of it.  Today, Sunday 29th March 2020, the total number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 is 107 and 1 death in total 3 death. Unfortunately, the authorities does not want to share the identities or any information concerning the patients. The government only precise that only 3 cases are serious otherwise the others are doing fine. I mean they (government) completely lost it. How can they(the patients) be fine? They are contaminated with a virus which is slowly killing them inside and we are being told they are fine. Do Mauritians seriously looks like a community of fools?

They might do think we are. Yesterday a member of parliament declared that the actual government has been hiding the fact that the patient 0 was already in Mauritius since January 2020. They knew the country was at risk. Who knows what`s the truth is? but why not giving more information about the patients? Even Prince Charles let the whole world know that he was infected. Seriously Mauritius is on the verge of destruction. The authorities are not really helping the poor (food supplies) atleast I did not see anyone so far benefiting their help, not even pensioners. It is the policemen who are helping people by using their own salary to buy food and leaving them to poor people`s house. 

The Mauritians who were doing lives  on Facebook  are very upset because others cyber bully them with their unpleasant comments. Some decided to stopped doing live as from today. One woman was literally crying on her live. I felt bad for her. Hence the coming days are going to be so boring now. Luckily, I just got a friend`s Netflix so I can watch some movies. I am not sleeping well. All this makes me stressed. All the happenings looks like a movie, something like Contagion or Quarantine. Fortunately, my hubby calls me and my mom and baby cousine calls me everyday. I pray god protects everyone from this curse name Coronavirus and keep all of us safe. Goodnight guys 🙂




Hello world! Today, Saturday 28th March 2020, we got the breaking (not so breaking as it was already expected) news of having 102 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Mauritius. Not so surprising, there are more and more people roaming outside. Police officers does not really do anything about it anymore. My mom told me the Commissioner of Police suspended one policeman (the acid incident). So i guess the policemen are discouraged. Now they are concentrating more on giving food supplies to people around Mauritius than making sure everybody`s in their houses.

I think this coming week we might make it to 200 cases. There was not anything interesting going today for me. I am getting bored day by day and its getting hotter. I keep thinking of chips, KFC, Chocolate and the beach ❤ and also about my hubby (laugh). The policemen stop doing videos. Mauritians keep doing silly lives which sometimes are boring. I am constantly on my phone.  In 2 days time, the supermarkets will be open. All Mauritians are waiting for this. I think I might start exercising at home. I am putting on weight. If I don`t do anything, solitude and idleness will make me go crazy for sure and of course I am insomniac and becoming forgetful. I think by the time confinement is over I will look like Gollum and might even end up speaking like him, “mon precieux” (laughs). I go get some sleep guys. Take care  and stay safe ❤