Oh god! Just when I am about to start typing my blog, I got attack by 2 cockroaches who came flying from outside into my room. I am very scared of them. So today, Friday 27th of March 2020. Like I typed in my previous post, the confirmed cases of coronavirus is rising. This present day, it is at 94 confirmed cases and tomorrow we might make it to the 100. My in laws are still adamant that they are cautious but they are not. I have been spending my day downloading Call of Duty: Warzone on PS4 and watched many Hindi movies. I watched funny videos that Mauritians are doing for example there is a boy name Kartik. He is the center of attention nowadays. He keeps on doing lives. He does crazy things and he can twerk of course! What do we need more? He entertain us all day long and at night it is his mom who entertain us. She sings and dance live. 

My hubby is still stuck on that ship and now I am very sure he is on quarantine for 2 weeks. After that they will debarked the cargo to Agalega which will take 3 to 4 days. Subsequently, they will come back which might take another 3 days. I am tired of waiting but got no choice. Self isolation is no fun. I am an anti social animal but I get bored and I miss him so bad (sad).  I have got like a week more to wait so I will for my love. 

Regarding the Covid virus situation, some people are losing it. Someone got stabbed by thugs. Some thugs got into the house of a policeman and hit him. Some people went missing. And as if it was not enough, a teenager ran away from home to stay with her boyfriend. She atleast prove one thing. Love is stronger than Coronavirus! My aunt works in a laboratory and unfortunately one of her colleague got contaminated. Now the authorities are inquiring and contacting each and every person she has been around. My aunt is not feeling well. I feel really scared. I hope she is fine and it is just her apprehension that`s making her feel like this. The websites provided by government to buy food are working but its services are limited which means only a few number of people can order i guess per day. For me, none of the sites opened but many people shared photos of the food items they received. Apart from all this, nothing else interesting happen today. So for now, I go to bed. I have not sleep well since many days. I got dark circles around my eyes. It is already late night for me. I go and get some sleep. Stay safe ❤


Hello! Today (Thursday 26th March 2020) was a usual day. Nothing much happen in the morning nor in the day so I (still in self quarantine) been playing Royal Battle in Call of Duty and Assassin Creed (PS4 after a long time). It was a boring day. People were still ranting on Facebook about the thugs who were beaten by police officers so I preferred not to use Facebook much. 

Things got interesting in the afternoon. I called my mom and she told me that the PM was doing a Press Conference and he announce 81 confirmed cases in Mauritius. Everybody was like Whoa! how come?. The truth is Mauritius does not have a good place for quarantine and they kept people in groups in 1 room in a building.  Many were scared of being infected with so many people around them so they preferred sleeping outside on the ground or anywhere but not in that room. It`s been like that around Mauritius. Lots of suspects but not a proper place for quarantine and also no proper treatment is available in the hospitals here. So how did the contamination happens so quickly?. The answers are negligence of Mauritians and politicians, ignorance and persistence of people. The breaking news kept coming to me after that. The press asked the Pm what happen to the ship Trochetia (the ship my hubby is on). He said normally they should be back in 14 days irrespective the Agaléens take the food supplies or not. I felt relief after knowing this. Another thing he said is that the Coronavirus will now (as from tomorrow) be at its peak therefore the numbers will keep on going up. The most interesting fact is that in this whole world, Mauritius Island is the first country where this virus has such a rapid contamination in just 1 week. Its amazing (facepalm). Bravo to the people who were roaming outside their houses when there was a curfew. A doctor announce on Tv and radio that many people around Mauritius are already infected and they are now infecting others so we kindly stay in our houses because going out will only worsen the situation.

My in laws (brother, sisters, nephews, even neighbors ect) are still socializing between themselves and even though I told them not to come upstairs, my father in law did came to talk to me. I spoke to him for roughly 10 minutes and he went downstairs. He still goes to work everyday, driving around and dropping people (who works in companies) home. No plane is taking off so he does not have to work with tourists only Mauritians. I am scared that he might get infected. He does not take much precautions apart soap, 1 mask he kept wearing all the time without a wash and some surgical gloves that I gave him. My baby brother in law came upstairs but I had to tell him to go back downstairs because I am self isolating. I apologized to him because I felt really bad doing this to him but I did explain myself and told him the situation is getting worse so it is better he stays in his room. My hubby called me and told me about the incubation. I told him to explain to his family that they should be more careful. They are being very careless. And he did spoke to his father and I hope that my father in law understood the circumstances.

The government has provided online sites where we can buy food (mostly the basic ones like rice, flour and baby`s foods. They will be operational as from tomorrow. Old people and handicap ones(those who get pensions) will receive food for free. There are also instructions being shared on Facebook about how to buy and how to disinfect them before bringing them in the house. That is a good initiative. I am glad about it because many people here did not have food. They either did not have money or did not get the time to go to supermarkets. I feel so empty inside and lonely. It is very depressing. I know that the whole world is going through this. It is tough but someday we will win this battle. 



CHAOS. The perfect word for today (Wednesday 25th March 2020). I am fine so far but it is very chaotic outside. Many people are going against the law. Like I wrote previously, police officers are being really strict and there was a video where some men where throwing metal objects and acid on policemen who were asking them to go inside their house. Today, many policemen and SMF (armed) went to those men`s house and beat them in front of their family. It was really shocking but according to me they deserved it maybe not in front of their family but still. Of course, the policemen were filming everything and shared the videos on facebook. After that they arrested those men and put them in their jeeps. 

Then I got another video where those two men are lying down in a place which look like a toilet or something. There was blood pretty much everywhere. They were crying bitterly and asking the officers not to beat them up. One of the policemen use a taser on one of the men. I felt bad for them but they did not respect the law and even hurt policemen. They did not even think about their family before throwing those things on the officers. Unfortunately, these videos completely ruin the little peace that was left in the Mauritian community. It is as if nobody really paid attention to the video where the policemen where being attack but everybody saw the video where these thugs are being beaten and dragged. The Mauritian community is very angry. The majority is saying that this is unacceptable. Nobody seems to understand we are already in a crisis. They should not be making it worst like this. The Commissioner of Police was forced to do a press conference and he said he never gave this kind of order to any police officer and never encourage this kind of behaviour. He is going to investigate on this matter and take actions against those policemen. Of course I do not encourage violence too and now this matter is going far. My facebook today was full of chaos going on around. I was already tired of it half day. I decided to go out (up on my house) and take some fresh air and some sun. 

Since morning, I have been trying to get into contact with hubby but unfortunately nothing. It was stressful because I wanted to know if he can finally come home or not. When I went out, he called me and told me he is still stuck there near Agalega (facepalm). I expected the government would take a decision about them yesterday and ask them to return back home today but no… nothing. It is as if the government forgot about them. Hubby`s colleagues are so sad. They have small kids impatiently waiting for them. I guess I have to wait for him many days more. I have self isolate myself completely today. I will continue like this because downstairs (my in laws lives downstairs) are being really negligent. Today I have done an inventory of all food I have left and it turns out I am good for atleast 3 weeks. Still hubby called his colleagues in Mauritius and ask them to deliver me food whenever they can and they agreed. This present day, I did not even bother to know how many confirmed cases of coronavirus are there. Sooner or later, it will be around me…



Hey guys! Thank you for the likes. It is very encouraging to know that someone atleast know what is going on here otherwise I am all alone. But in a way it is good. This is what we really need to do – self isolate. It may drives us crazy but we will stay alive. Concerning the virus, today same thing. There were like 28 confirmed cases of Covid-19 last night. In the morning (TUESDAY 24th March 2020)  it came to 36 or something and then in the day I got to know it is 42.  There are still many people being tested. The Pm announce this on Tv. People are starting to consider him as the ominous bird because every time he is on Tv, he only gives us bad news.

The police been doing a remarkable job until yesterday. In many places around Mauritius, people disobeyed the police officers and some even fought with them. I felt bad for those guys seriously. I mean they are everyday outside patrolling and forcing people to go in their houses. They are not doing this because it is fun for them. They are doing this because their duty is to protect us. They are risking their lives and that of their families everyday but still so many idiots does not understand this. After seeing all this, the government took the decision that starting from tomorrow, all supermarkets, shops and bakery shall be close till the end of this month. Now, the issue is many people recently got their salary and they have not done food provision for next month. And if the total confinement extends this way then there are many of us who will end up with no food at home. In all this, it is the kids who gonna suffer unfortunately. They are going to sleep, hungry. Poor souls. I, myself do not know till when I will be able to survive with what I have at home. I am trying to eat less and save more. 

If you guys are wondering what happen to my hubby. He is stuck on that stupid ship. Today they finally (thank god for the miracle) publish in the newspapers about his ship named Trochetia. According to the article, the Agaléens does not want the food supplies. They do not want to be contaminated. Nobody is sick on that ship still they do not want anything from Mauritius. It is today that the government is going to think about it and take a decision by tomorrow maybe. Well I hope so. I hope they take the decision for the ship to come back to Mauritius. They have to because the ship has fuel that will last till 3 weeks maximum. Coming back to me, I get up, clean, cook, eat and watch tv everyday. Pretty boring but no choice. I want to go to the beach with hubby (sad me). I misses him a lot. I misses every moment I have live with him. This is not the first time he gone so far from me. Sometimes he is away for months. Right now all I want is for him to be back home and I will isolate both of us in our home sweet home. We are both anti-social so it won`t really bother us. We are never bored when we are together. 

Anyways guys, I know you are all fighting the same battle (coronavirus). I know this can go for months but somehow I know, this nightmare will definitely get over one day.


Hello! Today, Monday 23rd March 2020, we got more confirmed cases of coronavirus, 28 in all but ultimately we know its going to contaminate lots of people so we are no longer are in shock. Also since everybody`s home things got a lot spicier on facebook. The whole Mauritian community on facebook are posting so many stuffs going on around Mauritius. The most famous ones are that of the police officers shouting and swearing at idiots who does not understand what a curfew means. I kept laughing the whole day. There were subway surfer (exactly like in the game) guys running away from policemen. It was too funny and I just receive one where a policeman is talking nicely with a man asking him to go home. But the guy kept saying you do not understand me and the policeman swore loudly and the man with his hanky tied around his face was so shocked. Never ever did policemen in Mauritius acted like that with normal civilians before. It was a sight to see. Some people were even spank by baton. But honestly they deserve it.

Anyways coming back to the virus, people are still going out to supermarkets ect even though police officers are being so strict. People are getting contaminated because of their carelessness and I guess I might get infected too soon thanks to them. My own family is not listening to me and my warnings. I think I will soon request all of them to not step in my house but I feel bad doing this to them thought. The government decided to contribute 50% on everybody`s salary (private sector and public sector). And also we will get a specific day for buying food in supermarkets according to our surname`s first alphabet. But this has not yet been confirmed to the public. Oh! by the way last night the helicopters did not passed. It was a hoax (maybe) but in the morning everybody was joking about it and I posted a recent photo in which me and hubby are sitting in a helicopter. It fitted the situation funnily. Also I lost my appetite maybe because I miss my husband and I am scared for him, my mom and brother. My husband is quarantine on the food supplies ship. The Agaléens does not want to touch the food supplies due to fear of contamination. I do not know for how long he is going to be on quarantine there and like the situation here is getting worst and worst day by day, it might be that here too he might be quarantine (I hope not). but he assured me nobody is sick or contaminated on that ship so fingers cross. 

I am using my food supplies intelligently and not going out of house at all. I am drinking hot water and trying to stay positive. I need to stock up gloves, masks and more sanitizers. I sometimes think from where did this virus exactly came from? and how we will overcome it? I know for sure that we be in this disastrous situation for months. It might be that we spend this whole year fighting this pandemic. Will we even survive this year? We are all just fighting to stay alive right now (except those few idiots who can not stay in their house). For now goodnight!


Huhhhh! (sighs) I just do not know where to start. I woke up (22th March 2020 Sunday) and immediately start looking for my mobile phone. I wanted to know the bad news. On Facebook I came to know that there were like 24 confirmed cases and two deaths not to forget lots of people being tested. Police officers are becoming more and more strict and Mauritians more and more stupid. 

I can not believe them. At Fond du Sac, all the people were out buying veggies and ”bajjias” (oily cakes). Well, nearly all Mauritians are being careless so I do not doubt that the day when nearly everybody will be contaminated is for soon. I got like 3 videos of police officers doing their jobs and Mauritians being irresponsible. One video was about a guy roaming shirtless and then came the policemen. They started to shout at him (you do not understand you should be in your house with your family. We are risking our lives and that of  our families for you people! ) and push him. He run so fast. I felt like I was playing Subway Surfer. It was so funny. Another video was about a group of men playing football in a football ground and policemen came and spoke with them. The 3rd video was about a group of boys gone fishing and came the policemen and they shouted at those guys. Their faces were worth seeing. The policemen took them to the station. Atleast the policemen are doing their jobs very well compare to one person (who is responsible of the country). He did not gave any response to the public since days. We were only informed about decisions being taking through newspapers and Facebook posts. But he did talk on TV in the afternoon announcing about the deaths and strict measures being taken. I did not bother to even watch him. I knew he screwed up real bad and now all he was doing was covering his lies.

I got a message in my messenger today that helicopters will  be disinfecting the whole country late night maybe at 23.00 pm or next morning at 4 am. But i do not know if it is the truth. Will it make any difference thought? I do not think so. Even my father in law is not really respecting the instructions not because he is careless but because he does not know why he should follow them, how the virus operates and what instructions exactly he should follow. I try to talk to him but it is a bit hard for me to explain things to him because I fear he might get offended. Even today  he scared me. I heard him talking to his sister who live next to our house. He was inviting her for a “‘hawan” and I heard him say something in between very softly ( I could not hear properly because they were on the road and I was upstairs). Actually all his sisters lives next door so I truly got super worried that he will invite so many people in his house in this situation. He did not even keep 1 metre distance from his sister while talking to her (facepalm). This was quiet disturbing for me because I can not say no to anything to my father in law due to the deep respect I have for him. Thank God! when he came to invite me, I ask him if he was inviting other people in his house and he responded No. I had heard his sister trying to convince him by saying we will all tied a hanky on our face and sit for the ”hawan”. See, this is the issue. Nobody seems to understand we need social distancing in this situation and hanky will not protect you (again facepalm). I participated in the ”hawan” with only my father in law, his wife (his 2nd really really evil wife) and my 2 baby brother in laws. I felt peace after this and felt like I had some positive energies coming towards me. 

Furthermore, the government announce  there will be a curfew starting from tomorrow to 2nd of April 2020. Tomorrow more people are going to be spank by police officers` batons (my guess). The government also  amended some laws likely you do not need to go out of your house. If you do, you need to have a permit which will be issued by Commissioner of Police. Only government officers and people who really really need to do some essential works will be allowed. So far this confinement is going fine for me. I just keep praying for everybody and also hope that this virus goes away forever. My father in law got to go to work tomorrow (tourists driver). He can not do anything about it because his boss want him to continue working and also my father in law needs this job to run his home. So I also pray he does not bring the virus in our house and infects us. I nearly forgot the patient 0 (UK guy) he passed away today. I felt bad for his family. They lost him and now nearly all his relatives were infected and being tested. Poor soul. May he rest in peace even though in a way we are all going to die because of him. Maybe we deserve it…





Today, the 22th March 2020 Sunday, the nightmare continues. I woke to the news there are more cases of coronavirus in Mauritius and so many people are being tested. Somehow, the thought of total confinement was on my mind(felt like it was going to happen) so I decided to go out and buy some veggies and chicken, and also some snacks. I took a shower and quickly got ready to go out and there were people roaming around buying veggies and all. But there was a huge difference, there was a long queue and you had to wait for 3 to 4 people finish buying and then another 3 to 4 persons will be allow to enter the shop (all shops and supermarkets were doing this).After quickly buying my stuffs, I quickly walk home.

I also got to know that a Belgium woman passed away due to coronavirus but she was never mentioned before in the infos until today. She was in Mauritius been weeks and since when she was contaminated and got sick? and was admitted to hospital? Those questions were on everyone`s minds but like usual we will never get a real answer.  I also got to know that a nephew of the patient 0 confirm that his uncle (the UK returned guy) wasn`t dead. He was in ICU in a hospital.All his relatives were being tested. His nephew confirm this news to the media. A 15 years old girl (a college student who was his relative) was tested and confirmed. She might has contaminated her classmates and her teacher. Her teacher might had contaminated all his tuition students. And all these people were being tested. Many were admitted to different hospitals. One which was near to the place I live. I kept warning my whole family not to step in these hospitals but as usual nobody listens to me. They do whatever they want. Anyways, back to the news, I also got to know that many infected people were admitted in the north of Mauritius and the population has not inform the public about these coronavirus cases. 

Like I precise in my previous post, Mauritians are not really respecting the partial confinement and they are just roaming around freely but this time wearing masks, hankys or towel on their faces. They do not seem to understand that this virus can rest on the surface of anything (clothes, door knobs ect) and infect them anyways. The police officers are trying their best to control the public and warning them. They are stopping every vehicles and asking them why they are out. If you do not have a valid answer then you are doom. You have to pay Rs 1000  fine and 6 months prison. I even heard a police officer or some being tested, Not sure how many. I even read online the government has decided that a total confinement is very important because Mauritians are not respecting the partial one. Even tourists are going at the beaches and the Coast guards had to warn them about the virus. More and more people are being contaminated each passing day but nobody cares of letting us know how many cases really there are. We are all looking calm but deep inside it is really scary. I am really scared for my family but nothing is in my control. We are just sitting in our houses and waiting. One thing I know for sure we are not getting rid of this virus so soon. It will be with us for a long time. How long will we escape or survive it is a big question. 

My husband finally contacted me and I told him about the whole situation going on. He is very worried but unfortunately he can not do anything. He just want to be back to his family as soon as possible. It might take him like 1 week more to come back. I do not know if I will survive this 1 week (might be funny but its the truth) with the rapid contamination going on around the country. I know like practically the whole world is going through this hell. Sadly, I even came to know in Mauritius a small baby is infected too. The only good thing about today is that I am getting all channels on TV (before we needed to subscribe but due to confinement they allow us to watch all the channels freely). I got an internet upgrade freely (trying to stay positive in this sad world). I also been able to replenish my food supplies. And my husband had put a hand sanitizer in our first aid box (sanitizers are all sold out and it is damn expensive). I felt like I got a gold bar. I am very happy about it. I never thought I will be this happy to get a small bottle of hand sanitizer. For now, I will go to bed. There are more things to happen tomorrow (might be). A good night sleep is well asked for. 


So been years I have written something or blogging. Recently there is so much that`s been going on not only in my world but the whole globe. There are loads of issues but the most disturbing one is Corona-virus (Covid 19). It is spreading  in many countries like the fire in Amazon forest. There`s been lot of death and suffering. 

I live in Mauritius Island and unfortunately we got cases of Corona-virus here too been like 2 days.  On 18th March 2020 (Wednesday) my husband got the news that he had to go on a ship which was on its way for food supplies to Agalega Island. Well, its his job so I had no choice but let him go even though since 1 week I had the weird feeling something was going wrong in Mauritius. So after he was gone, that afternoon things started to get really bizarre. The Pm was doing a press conference and I was sure he was going to announce that we already had a case of Covid 19 here. After making all Mauritians wait for him for hours, he finally drop the bomb. I did not wait for him to announce it, because i knew it already somewhere. 

Next morning, I woke up to this news and I sighed. There were 3 confirmed cases of corona. 2 Mauritian guys who work in a cruise ship were already in quarantine. They had recently come to Mauritius and have not met anyone in Mauritius apart the authorities (this is what i heard from others). On the other hand, the other man who was infected, was roaming free in Mauritius a few days back. According to the Pm, the man who was 59 years old, had come to Mauritius on 7th of March 2020  from UK and had somehow escape the checkpoint (where they were checking for corona) in airport. He went back home to his family, met his relatives, partying, went to a funeral, got in a metro, went to a supermarket and the list goes on. Through a close source of mine, I got to know that he`s been back from UK been weeks and when he got sick been days, the people who are in charge of this country did not find it necessary to let the public know that there was a case of corona already in the Island. And also for his treatment he was kept in an open ward with other patients with other health issues. In brief, he contaminated like nearly half of the population and passed away. I guess, it might be his death which really force them (I wont precise WHO) to announce the breaking news. 

That Thursday morning, 19th March 2020, Mauritians went all crazy. Government had already requested not to ”panic-buying” but early morning all Mauritians were crowding all the supermarkets, shopping malls and pharmacies of the Island. It was a shocking sight for me to see online because people were being so careless. In 1 day, all the shelves were emptied. I did not go out of the house. I am alone and already have enough provision for one person. Also I notice people were not wearing any masks or keeping any distance from others. Its like they are more concern about eating and wiping their b#tt but not about their health. The Pm had a press conference but decided he won`t attend it and he will be communicating directly with the population. Its then that I got to know that there were already 7 confirmed cases of corona and the country was going to be Lockdown the very next day starting at 6 am.

Fast forward to today, Friday 20th March 2020, the country is partially lockdown as public transport like buses and cars are still driving around, people roaming around and shopping, busy supermarkets ect. It was baffling to see how people are just ignoring the fact that we need to stay in our house when there is a lockdown not roam around. I also freshly came to know that there are 12 confirmed cases of corona now. The persons who were around the UK infected guy are being tested. There are like 30 to 35 people being tested and more cases might be announce tomorrow. Basically, the country is quickly being infected and nobody can do anything about it. Most of us is blaming the government that he did not take the decision of closing the frontier when we did not have any infected cases, They says that he ( still wont precise who) was waiting for his wife to come from holiday (abroad) and then he took the decision of closing it but it is too late to argue about all these things. To be honest, that is the reason why I have never voted in life. Politicians are not trustworthy at all. Now Mauritius is doom and all we can do is take precautions and protect ourselves and our family by staying in our homes.